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  1. Hey all, I'm currently planning to make a character and run through the deadfire. For roleplay reasons I have selected Goldpact because I like their affinity for Rational playstyle. Aside from starting with Mind Control at lvl 1 for cipher and getting lay on hands/FoD from paladin i'm not really sure what skills to pick. Any advice would be appreciated. So far I got my stats as the following. 10 might 9 Con 16 Dex 16 Per 18 Int 10 Res
  2. I'm curious, has the firerate for firearms with faster than 3.6s reload time been fixed? I'm very tempted to play but I don't want to play and feel like i'm still being handicapped, especially because the 1.8s reload time means i've invested a lot of my built into it.
  3. I agree. Making your own character remember terrible things sounds like a great debuff. Valorous Echoes : The cipher bring echos of an ally's past lives to the surface, inspiring the ally who greater feats of heroism. Pain Block : Provides an ally with a mental block on their pain Nothing terrible about these spells. Someone capable to control mind sould be able to exerce same level of control on themself. It could be a early passive that unlock it, why not. I don't think that would break the balance. The problem is when you multiclass you loose the ability to buff the other class. the point pf MC isn't to be versatil and combine two roles together? Another way, just rework wild leech to not be random, or add a similar ability(ies) that mimick valorous echoes/pain block as debuff/self buff. If a cipher are allowed to buff himself. A paladin should be too. I demand to use Exhortation on myself. +1 to just being able to self buff with anything period. The only spells that should require an allied target are ones that work like echo beams IMHO. As you need to latch it onto a friend to be usable anyway and self casting would do nothing.
  4. That's strange. Just frapsed my attack + reload time with a Scordeo pistol, and counted the frames: - got 24f (0.8s) for attack time, and - 83f (2.766s) for reload time While the tooltip was displaying 0.8s attack time and 1.0s reload time: image As I understood, reloading animation (unlike recovery animation) is consisting of animation chunks that are played several times in a cycle, plus an additional animation of jitter at the end. In case of pistols visually it looks like the character is taking bullets from his pocket and putting them into pistol's gunpoint; repeated n times. Each such chunk takes 57 frames (1.9s). And it looks like there can't be less than 1... If this is true, the best fix would be to have a way to cut cycles early if the reload demands it and go straight into a shooting animation, might look a bit jank but at least builds would work. However this still wouldn't make much sense, because if the whole animation takes 1.9s, we should have a 1.9s cap instead of 3.6s wouldn't we? Assuming of course you got your reload down to 1.9 and below anyway. Here is hoping the Drunk DLC will have a fix for this as it's pretty pirate themed and dual wielding pistol is one of the most piratey things you can do.
  5. Honestly just disappointed you can't romance the sidekicks, or at least as far as I know. They seem like glorified adventurers with a bit of oral ques but don't chip it quite enough, but even then they are unfortunately far more attractive than most of the main cast this time around. Especially Mirke. Drunk partying Orlan fist fighter ftw.
  6. Definitely loving Multi-class. Although the one thing I wish was in the game was multi-class acknowledgement. Although it's great I can be noted for being a paladin and a cipher. The AI scripting makes this game worth it 100%. Reminds me of Dragon Age : Origins and makes combat feel not tedious and lets me focus on enjoying the terrain and effects in combat more. Unlike many, I enjoy the ship system. Although the conflicts with some quests by exploring to much due to the open world ship part is kinda weighing on me over time as well. Still like it though.
  7. Honestly with how the new system is working for the per-encounter resource system, I hope this happens. Would definitely be great to be able to try to solo in PoE2 with that low cost accuracy buff as well.
  8. Can confirm, this is happening on any character I build as well. It's really vexing because the modal of the pistol effectively is taking all that accuracy for little pay out.
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