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  1. Sorry I have not responded been busy. No I do not have video of this, however I will look into getting a program to do that and update this post.
  2. Why not just build a new keep on an island in the deadfire or if we go east and can stay there build one there if that is your goal? It feels like a lot more trouble than it is worth to rebuild caed nua, especially since you still have a giant statue that any other diety can posses right beneath you. Hope none of the other gods hate your guts.
  3. I feel like if we did "fight" him it may involve projecting ourselves into the statue to literally take our soul back. What we do in there is anyone's guess. What keep? Last I heard he completely destroys it, and there is also the enormous hole in the ground he would leave busting his way out that everything probably eventually collapses into. Something tells me that we won't be rebuilding this keep again.
  4. So far I can only confirm this works for orlans. She's usually half that size and sometimes the albino glitch occurs in tandem with it. This happens regardless of save file so I'm not sure if you want it or not. It also reverts the instant I put in a new piece of equipment on so it is not permanent. Still odd though. output_log.txt
  5. From my observation so far, Obsidian are the only ones working on improving systems others just copy out of pure lazyness and lack of imagination. I think this is a good thing, even if it should mean that they accidently took a step backwards. Which at this point no one can say. I'm really looking forward on how this turns out. And even if it does not turn out that well, I will enjoy the game anyway and will have something to look forward to in PoE3: Seeing what they come up with next. Be a little more adventurous, guys! There is nothing wrong with experimentation, however t
  6. Why not just rename might to reflect what it is supposed to be better then? If the audience is confused by the name of a stat, then the name needs changing not what the stat does.
  7. Same. It's not clear that she couldn't have survived the walking into the sea thing. It's mentioned that she rusts and can no longer move, but she's aware of this which suggests she's still alive. Hopefully we'll dredge her up. I suspect she'd come up even more messed up then when she left us. I can't imagine being trapped under the ocean for years unable to move would be good for your psyche. Then add in rymrgand and ondras influence? I'd be surprised if she remembered us.
  8. I wonder if pallegenias portrait changes depending on if she is disgraced or not?
  9. The only thing on the document that I did differently was murder Simoc myself. Long story short, after a year of sleep deprivation my characters half baked manipulation of Simoc blew up in her face, and he attacked her.
  10. I doubt it, it's only 8:33 in cali. According to google obsidian studios doesn't open till 10am.
  11. Unless I can import my poe 1 character probably the strangest combination of classes I can just to see if it will work decently.
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