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  1. More free dlc? This is madness! Madness, I say! It's all a ploy from Obsidian to steal all of our money...somehow...yeah, that's totally it! To install it, try clicking on the dowload button in the link provided by op or ticking and unticking the box next to it in the dlc list of the game in your library, or do both: I did both and it worked, the client downloaded the dlc.
  2. Can confirm, happened to me as well and deselecting/reselecting works.
  3. That the gods don't have contingency plans and that she might have other options are a different issue. I'm just saying that either the Watcher says no at the start and gets killed (aka you don't play the game) or he/she decides that staying alive and doing what Berath wants is the best course of action, all things considered. Once the Watcher decides that it's better to live, why give up at the last second after going through so much trouble only to be very likely killed by Berath in the same way as they would have been at the start? Might as well finish what they started, if only just ou
  4. The only reason that comes to mind to keep chasing Eothas is because Berath (+ the other gods) asks you to try and reason with him: you might have recovered your soul, but the chime that she can use to control/destroy you is still there and not complying to that last request means death/suffering at her hand. IIRC it's Eothas that frees the Watcher from Berath's influence after the last talk with him, so before then you're stll in her grasp. Basically, it's just a matter of self preservation.
  5. It's simpletons like you with Mommy's credit card that have enabled this era of cash crabs and release-early-patch-later mentality. Thx millennials! Eh, at least I don't go around insulting people and/or assuming things about their life.
  6. How dare they add free stuff to my game! This is an outrage! /s It's very nice of them to add some cosmetic things alongside the patch, tbh. I still long for more short female hairstyles tho, there are too few imho.
  7. Some help with these would be much appreciated. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/VHrRWW9
  8. For the Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara, what you need to do is not exploring Tikawara itself (that's an already charted island, after all) but the islands around Tikawara. Specifically, they are found Once you explore those islands and give them a name, the journal should get an update and you should be able to speak to the guy in Neketaka to finish the task.
  9. If it's anything like the DA:O or FF12 systems, it should be possible to set variables like " self: health < 50% -> use potion of health" or " self: any -> use potion of fire resistance" or "enemy: health > 25% -> use fire grenade" and so on. I'm cautiously optmistic that it will be possible, I seem to remember screenshots floating around that showed a glimpse of the possible settings and it looked like it was pretty in depth.
  10. There's this cool drawing of Danny Trejo, maybe someone can turn it into a portrait: Source: https://twitter.com/waltinojose/status/580165672845619201
  11. Wait, there's a toggle for helmet and cloaks? Thank goodness! I had to turn off the visuals of some in PoE1 with the console because I didn't like how they looked on the characters, an in-built toggle is very much welcome.
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