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    Good gravy. My interests?<br><br>Well, I'm double majoring in Latin and History, and after that, it's off to graduate school.<br><br>I like music, mostly older music (Gregorian Chant to, oh, Toad the Wet Sprocket, we'll say).<br><br>I like books. CS Lewis, Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Frank Herbert, Ovid, Virgil, Homer, The Dude(s) who Wrote Beowulf, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Dante Alighieri, Shakespeare, Anne Rice, and lots of others are my favorite writers.<br><br>Good enough? Good enough.
  1. Howdy, folks. I've been reading some St. Augustine, some Dante, and some CS Lewis, because, well, that's what I study in school! With that in mind, let's get to the meat of the thread. The scene in the Leviathan always bothered me. I spanked Malak all over the place a few times without breaking a sweat, and Bastila 'martyrs' herself to save my posterior. I said, "Do what?" I've no idea whether BioWare anticipated the average player being able to whoop on Malak with little trouble, but it sure seemed odd that Bastila sacrificed herself for basically no reason. I coulda killed 'em ma
  2. I was Darth Nihilus. I snuffed out thousands of lives, and I drew enemies to me. I was Darth Sion. By end game, my Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master literally never ran out of force points. So, I was effectively impossible to kill. I was Darth Traya. Visas Mar and the Handmaiden both betrayed their masters because of me, and I apparently betrayed Atris. And I kicked some butt, too. :D --Gheralt
  3. Hey, folks. I haven't been on the boards much since the X-box version came out, but now that the PC version is out, I have my first impressions. Graphics: I am not so hardnosed as such reviewers as IGN on graphics. Age doesn't matter to me. Does it look good, or does it not look good? KotOR 2 looks good, with only one complaint. I don't care for the lip-teeth-jaw action, but that's a minor quibble. The game looks good, and unlike something like FF7, which now makes my eyes bleed, the game will /still/ look good seven years from now. Points awarded. Secondly, as of now, this game /refu
  4. I resemble that remark! *ahem* I assure you, not all of us are like that. Just some of the louder ones. A quiet majority is donating millions to tsunami aid as we speak so that they can write it off on their taxes this year. ....Why are you glaring at me?
  5. So, we have the Exile, and we have Revan. I know it would be very difficult to program, but something along the lines of Legacy of Kain: Defiance would be oodles of fun. Have the game switch back and forth as you sweep through the Sith Empire like a mist of bad air freshener. This could get really fun if Revan is LS and the Exile is DS. I just wonder which one would get T3-M4, HK-47, and Mandalore. --Gheralt
  6. That's quite possibly not a bug at all. At least, in d20 rules, on which KotOR's rules are loosely based, like bonuses do not stack. For example, if I have a girdle of giant strength +6 and gauntlets of ogre power +4, I do not get +10 to strength; rather, I get +6. Armor class, at least in d20, gets trickier. Dodge bonuses do stack, and so having, for example, a +6 bonus to dexterity and the Dodge feat gives you +7 to your armor class. Of course, it could be that like bonuses stack all over in KotOR 2 except in this instance, so mebbe it is a bug. ;P --Gheralt
  7. *gigglesnorts* I would so play an FPS starring HK-47.
  8. He totally reminds me of the gimpy villains from the Scream movies.
  9. A "prestige class" is a term from the d20 rules system. You have core classes, like Soldier, Scout, Tech Specialist, Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular, &c. Prestige classes in Pen and Paper d20 have prerequisites, usually in the form of a base attack bonus, base save, feat, skill, or special requirement. The PrC (Prestige class!) usually offers greater specialization in a certain area of expertise at the cost of being less effective in other areas. They're usually 5 or 10 levels, though some are more or less in number. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons, you have a PrC called Archmage. (T
  10. I wouldn't call KotOR a sweeping epic. It was enjoyable. Very enjoyable. It did, however, follow a very set in stone pattern with elements that Bioware has used before in other games. Even Neverwinter Nights wasn't original in the "go to four places, then gear up for the next part" motif. Legend of Zelda games just about always do that system. I will summarize A Link to the Past: Find three pendants. Get sword. Fight evil boss. Move to next world. Find 8 (or was it 9? Been a while) crystals. Fight final boss. Done. So, that's a tested (repeatedly, repeatedly) formula for gaming. No
  11. Meh. IGN's notorious for being stingy with graphics scores. They base them on age, and not how good they actually look. For example, the sprites from Final Fantasy 6 still look better than bad polygons, but IGN will happily give bad polygons a higher score in graphics.
  12. Please bear in mind that I'm using RealStarWarsd20<tm> here, but... Tech specialists have slightly weaker reflex and will saves, less skillpoints per level, 1d6 HD instead of 1d8, and the ability to craft items. Yes, they have less skillpoints, but they're also more likely to have a higher intelligence score than a scout. Also, their class skills are much different. I've not a blessed clue how Obsidian has chosen to interpret the differences, but I hope that helps. --Gheralt
  13. *does some quick math* Well, that Guardian took Toughness twice. Wahoo. Level 24. 337 HP. 14 Con (+2 bonus). 24*10=240. 337-240=97 24*2=48. 97-48=49. So...Toughness Twice. And one to grow on. Weird.
  14. Good Lord. Substitute Atton Rand and the Exile where appropriate: Scene -- Castle Anthrax LAUNCELOT: Sir Galahad! GALAHAD: Oh, hello. LAUNCELOT: Quick! GALAHAD: What? LAUNCELOT: Quick! GALAHAD: Why? LAUNCELOT: You are in great peril! DINGO: No, he isn't. LAUNCELOT: Silence, foul temptress! GALAHAD: You know, she's got a point. LAUNCELOT: Come on! We will cover your escape! GALAHAD: Look, I'm fine! LAUNCELOT: Come on! GIRLS: Sir Galahad! GALAHAD: No. Look, I can tackle this lot single-handed! DINGO: Yes! Let him tackle us single-handed! GIRLS: Yes! Let h
  15. This lack of limbs, eyes, and body parts thing begins to get silly. At one point we'll inevitably see a Sith Lord missing all four limbs, with a lightsaber clenched in his teeth, growl, "Oh, I see! Runnin' away, aye? You yellow b*****ds! Come back 'ere and take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!"
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