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  1. No problem. Since you've last updated the FAQ a few months back, I would assume that you are simply burnt out on the game and/or updating the FAQ. BTW as I've been referring to the FAQ pretty much daily now, there still exist some inaccuracies a little bit here and there. If you want me to compile all of these somehow and send to you, feel free to let me know. It's the least I can do to repay all the help the guide has given me.
  2. IIRC, Violet Redemption is only available at literally the last fight in the game, and you can't really go anywhere else at that point
  3. That'a a good idea, but I don't think it damages yourself if you use Instruments of Pain (which I'm using as well, my bad for not making it clear), since it states "around the target". Of course the statement may not actually match the actual mechanic, so I'll test it, thanks.
  4. So I'm working on a Helwalker/Streetfighter for the Scordeo combo above, and while the AI script has been perfected, the permanent 2.5s Weapon Switch time is killing me. Sure it is (barely) acceptable at the beginning of battle, but when your Distracted debuff runs out and you have to switch back-to-back, it felt so, so bad. Now I'm looking for a way to damage myself other than Void Wheel (2h of course), Hylea's Talons (bleeding not reliable), Mortifications (long recovery) and Destructive Channeling (limit other weapon to scepter only, though thjs may be the ultimate last resort). I also would like to avoid using consummables for Flanked if possible, and not dependent on allies as well. So thoughts anyone? Or I may have to go back to the drawing board and just use a Helwalker/Berserker.
  5. @Boeroer @bringingyouthefuture @thelee: Apparently the FAQ is wrong on this matter. Mob Stance's dual wield damage does get minused -35% damage just fine from my testing. Unless the log is wrong, of course.
  6. No problem, you are helping a lot actually. BTW shields have no action speed or recovery penalty at all right? The wiki states "shield will slow attack rate", so I'm a little bit confused: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Shields
  7. So the answer is the 2.5 s weapon switch time is reduced by Dexterity & Action Speed bonuses, and not reduced by other recovery bonuses. Correct?
  8. This statement: "2. Wow RIP. I thought at least Dexterity would have some effect´╗┐." is referring to above quote.
  9. 2. Wow RIP. I thought at least Dexterity would have some effect. 4. I understand, it's just that I'm mainly concerned about how to reduce my Scordeo's Edge attack timing when I have 0 recovery time. Yes, that's the reason why I main the scepter and offhand the blunderbuss. So the sequencing is like this: 1. Full attack at 8 m. 2. Weapon switch while moving in. 3. IOP at 5 m. I could probably use Scordeo's Trophy instead to get sweet -10% recovery which should persist after weapon switch (right?). But it seems a little overkill & Destructive Channeling should generate a least 1 wound.
  10. Nice, thanks! So to confirm, let's say my sequence is as follows: 1a. Dual wield Scepter (mainhand to get range)+ Blunderbuss (offhand for Powder Burns & reload instead of recovery) -> Full Attack -> Weapon Switch -> Recovery before next attack = 2.5 sec 1b. Single wield Blunderbuss -> Full Attack -> Weapon Switch -> Recovery before next attack = still 2.5 sec? Or slower due to previously single hand instead of previously dual wield? 2. Also, is this 2.5 sec recovery speed influenced by all the normal recovery/action speed bonuses? 3. Same as no.2, but Streetfighter bonus is enabled yet for the weapon switch recovery? 4. Also, other than Dexterity & Action Speed, what other factors affect the attack speed? The actual attack animation, not including recovery.
  11. Got it, thanks. Anyway, since I'm building a Shadowdancer now, does anyone know the actual mechanics on weapon switch? Namely how long the recovery time before you can attack, does the previous weapon plays a role in the recovery delau or not, because I've read somewhere that in POE1 the previous weapon does matter.
  12. BTW, I just double confirmed just in case, and no, Mob Stance doesn't care about your weapon's reach - it only triggers on foes in melee range even with Instruments of Pain.
  13. 1. Wow, I don't know how did I miss that he doesn't use Scordeo at all. Since he's coming off the other thread on Scordeo & Swift Flurry etc, my brain automatically assume it's the same here. It's interesting to note that FF is treated as positive effect though, similar to Disoriented by Powder Burns. 2. Instruments mean he gets range, all for the measly investment of 4 Wounds, which as a non-Helwalker means he only loses 8% fire lash. It also has a really long base duration (20 s, if this wiki doesn't lie). Then 1 wound can be immediately recouped by Enduring Dance, and further Wounds can be generated very safely with bonus accuracy as well. Also range means higher dps in general compared to melee'rs due to less time spent running & able to focus down enemy mobs without getting struck while supported by multiple melee allies. 3. Now the next question is, does the UI lie or not? 4. I don't think you can ever have enough Accuracy, but if it doesn't stack then that makes sense. 5. Makes sense, but TBH I would rather boost PL through food (eg. Skewers) rather than permanently disabling an equipment slot and losing another racial bonus. Thanks for the initiative to answer BTW, much appreciated.
  14. Wait, the Community Patch does change a few of these tags, as evidenced by the latest build guide. So when you can change a property, then that means that property must exist somewhere, right?
  15. Great build! Some questions if you don't mind: 1. Doesn't Blade Cascade from Scordeo's scale with Int as well? So why do you dump it? Due to lack of stats in general? 2. Why don't you just enable Instruments of Pain all the time? Time saved not running up to enemies = time dealing damage, and you don't really have stuff like Mob Stance etc to limit you to melee. 3. Do the 2 -% recovery pets' stack? Sure the status shows so, but according to some earlier posts on it, the answer seems to be no. 4. Exalted Focus not worth the +acc? Or just the healing from Endurance too good? 5. Helm of the White Void not worth it over the +1 PL? You should be able to get +10 acc with FF & SS.
  16. Of course. Mob Stance even applies Swift Flurry & Amra's crit effect, so it's safe to say that Mob Stance pretty much applies everything.
  17. Apparently according to CLee's Gamefaqs guide, Mob Stance's full attacks are not subject to the -35% damage for dual wield rule: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/full-attack-vs-primary-attack Whether its intentional or not, nobody knows.
  18. Hey thanks a lot for the detailed test! It's much appreciated. I have 2 additional questions, if you don't mind: 1. To trigger Blade Cascade, do I need to crit the enemy using Scordeo's Edge itself, or if I dual wield it, it can trigger via thr other weapons as well? 2. The thing about Blade Cascade is that it itself helps further procs due to no recovery. What about stuff like Voidwheel for example? I've tried Eager Blade and it seems to only trigger once even when I have multiple Swift Flurries. Same as Amra.
  19. BTW it is confirmed right that Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming additional strikes doesn't trigger Scordeo's Edge/Stalker's Patience instant recovery procs etc? Because the chances are so low, so I'm not sure if I got the testing wrong or something.
  20. The main issue I'm having with the Berserker/Monk multi is that I really love Helwalker, and I really hate Nelpazca's drug micro. Sure you can automate the drug taking, but I usually play with almost no resting, and having to continously deal with the withdrawal penalty especially for dialogue checks is just a huge pain. OTOH, I don't think Helwalker-boosted Frenzy damage is a brilliant idea. Anyway, I was just searching through the old posts on how to build a Barb debuffer, and 99.99% of the great posts are by you, so thanks a lot! You are truly a treasure trove of information. So the good news is I don't have to reroll my Devoted/Helwalker built around Amra, since Clear Out/Knockdown does target Fortitude, and so is the Skyward Kick as backup if Discipline ran out. The bad news is Voidwheel would be so much better since the Lance proc targets Fortitude as well, and the self-damage would help to generate Wounds without cancelling Dance, and Unbending would mean I'll be super-safe. Oh well, live and learn. Now I just need to figure out who to replace to bring in the Howler Konstanten. Eder brings along an extra pet with +5 Accuracy with Persistent Distraction bonus, while Pallegina brings the Shared Flames + Focus aura + Fire chant. So it's either Xoti, the perma-Whispers machine, or Mirke, the DPS blender. Probably Mirke I guess, since I don't really like the Friendly Fire of the Powder Burns modal.
  21. Thanks for the detailed answer! I really enjoy reading all your posts. The thing about increasing attack rolls is, from my understanding they don't really boost your overall DPS output that much, since you are just repeating that same strike. So for example, if I use a 2H weapon vs dual wield vs Sun & Moon, the final additional output is on average the same, right? Of course I may be wrong here, since I'm not sure about the probabilities stacking and such. That's a great idea though regarding Barbarian multi. Actually I'm thinking more of like you are having Serafen/Konstaten as the "Barbarian helper" in the group, while you yourself go dual wield Rapier/something else while enabling Rapier modal & purely using full attacks. The recovery malus doesn't affect you since only offhand recovery matter. Does a Fortitude-targetting full attack exists though? If not, you are then "forced" to use Barbarian as well, which is not really to my liking since too many overlaps between Monk & Barbarian skillset. Should still be more than viable though, since Stunning Surge means you'll have infinite full attacks.
  22. So from my limited testing, apparently Swift Flurry doesn't work at all with on-crit procs, either skills or weapons. Namely your Flurry triggers, but no procs trigger from your Flurries. Now I'm trying to find a way to break Flurry. So as of my testing & information from others on board: 1. Citzal's Spirit Lance - Flurry works even on "splashed" targets, but whether they help trigger each other or not? Probably no. 2. Soul Annihilation - Flurry generates additional focus, so you can consecutively spam SA with high enough accuracy. Anyway any help/testing that you guys have done would be much appreciated. Seeing that this is the last patch and there should be no more balance fixes after this, secrets are now safe to be divulged. Thanks in advance!
  23. Mind sharing your full party composition please? I'm building an AI-based party, so I would really appreciate a party that can apparently tank a megaboss's full attacks.
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