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  1. Posting here instead of the Nexus for more discussion. I also played a multiclass character, but mine was a Death Godlike Shaman (a Deathrite Shaman if you will) with both the original Berath build and the updated 2.0 build. But also tested a singleclass Priest. I want to echo that most of the changes are great, and here's my two cents. 1. Berath's Quickening and Slow the Wheel I definitely agree that removing the enfeebled condition was wise as it was too powerful for a baseline ability. Moving it to Symbol of Berath was a smart move to make singleclass more appealing and still keep
  2. I have to say Voidwheel without a doubt. Especially with the foreshadowing it gets with Voidward, and how the two when combined do have a complete narrative.
  3. I believe only Gift from the Machine and the Blood Pool talents transfer directly. Whatever god you got a boon from (galawain, etc.) also gives you some bonus in the next game but usually it's minor (i.e., Eder getting five more HP from Galawain). This is true for Xoti as well. But in regards to what talents transfer only Gift from the Machine and Effigy's Resentment are in. It's also worth noting that there was initially a talent gained for empowering Woedica, but since the talent was scrapped along with Gift of Hope( which was the Gift from the Machine parallel for good characters) ther
  4. I honestly don't know why the Blackened Plate Armor's Cycle of Decay isn't +2 PL for Decay, Poison and Corrode PL
  5. I've been having this issue since 1.1, and while i can consistently obtain my Effigy's Resentment i've never once obtained Gift from the Machine. I've reloaded my PoE multiple times to see the journal entries on how things were resolved. There seems to be very odd inconsistencies with the PoE save importer. When i went to the Oathbinder's Sanctum i obtained the Sky Dragon Wurm which is only available if you spared the High Dragon. I even out of idle curiosity started a new game to see if the ghost of Vela was still appearing after turning her into soul viagra. Which despite apparently being fi
  6. Thanks for the response as always Cdiaz, i wanted to wait to see if 1.2 ironed out the issue. Since it did not, i have sent in a support ticket siting this thread as well as another with similar reactivity issues. I have also attached the save where said issue is occurring to the ticket. I hope this helps
  7. I'm still having PoE reactivity issues from my imported save where i'll receive my Effigy's Resentment: Devil of Caroc. But not my Gift from the Machine, which sucks because i've basically never had any other bugs but this and the Vela Import bug
  8. Any news about issues with Gift from the Machine import? The PoE gamestate i imported had both Effigy's Resentment :DoC and Gift from the Machine, however when Eothas returns a part of your soul at Hasongo i only receive my Effigy's Resentment. I played through to Ashen Maw just to make sure the bonus wasn't gaiited beyond that second soul interaction.
  9. When Eothas returns your soul, I receive my Effigy's Resentment: Devil of Caroc, however I do not receive my Gift of the Machine despite the PoE import having it
  10. I mean just take a look at the flovor text for Corpse-Eaters "Often loathed by their enemies, corpse eaters consume the flesh of fallen foes to gain their power. No mere cannibals, the corpse eater must conduct their rites in the heat of battle. Outside of their communties, corpse eaters are often misunderstood as desecrators of the dead. In the minds of the corspe eaters, consuming the flesh of an opponent honors them and their sacrifice." It's obvious that Barbarians in Eora are more then simple brutes, and that they display plenty of shamanistic traits and reverence for the dead. Why on
  11. My PoE 1 gamestate I sacrificed Vela during the Sacrificial Bloodlines quest. However when i import that gamestate to use in PoE 2, Vela is alive in Vilario's Rest. This was not an issue with the game on release, however every patch after continued to have her appear
  12. I actually really love Death Godlike racial abilities. Although if i was to adjust them the biggest change i would make Pallid Fate and Deaths Usher to 50%. But then you might need to drop the +3 PL to maybe just +2.
  13. Is there any update about the PoE1 Vela gamestate bug? Where even if you've turned her into Viagra, shes still appearing in Vilarios rest
  14. Hang on there, what? Devotions is suppressed by inspirations now? How does that even work, since +10 ACC is better than any perception inspiration's bonus? Devotions still stacks with perception inspirations. Sorry I misread the original post. Strong inspirations suppress Devotions? Like, all of it? Or just the +might bonus? The Might component
  15. I'm going to reserve my full judgement for when the full patch is released. That being said there's a reason why a lot of people of people are unhappy, when a game makes very large sweeping changes that strip classes of class defining features. The irony of this nerf first balance later is you basically create a never ending game of whack a mole. By dethroning what many consider the top tier choices, you logically elevate the next line of options. Already people are wondering when say the Barbarian is going to be considered "too strong" despite little to no complaints about his power level
  16. I have a zerker I made last night after installing the Beta that was able to take them normally. Unless something has changed overnight, the actual issue (which is actually a pre-existing issue, it's in the release version as well) is that the upgrades don't show up in the Ability Preview window during character creation. They should still be available during the level up process. You are absolutely correct about the Berserker. And apparently the change to DotF is also working as intended. So not only was the +ACC cut in half, but the +4 might is made completely irrelevant by a single
  17. I'm not sure id this is intentional or not, But Devotions of the Faithful +4 Might is being suppressed by a basic Strong Inspiration. This to my understanding was one of the few exceptions with Inspirations stacking, as in previous patches you could have a strong inspiration active and DotF for a total +9 And in the same vain of bugged or working as intended, currently Barbarians with the Berserker Subclass currently cannot access the final rank of Blood Frenzy(Blood Storm) and both the Spirit upgrades. These abilities are able to be found with add ability
  18. Vela is still showing up in Vilario's Rest in the latest patch, despite the PoE 1 gamestate i'm importing clearly has her dead. It's also worth noting that the game on release had this working fine, but both subsequent patches have failed in this regard.
  19. So pre-patch my PoE 1 gamestate clearly had Vela dead. Now after the new patch when i make a new character, shes alive despite using the exact same gamestate
  20. So i'm going to drop my two cents on this issue. I totally agree that the argument that single player games don't need to be balanced is bollocks, and that a fundamentally unbalanced system does diminish peoples enjoyment of the game. However nerfs in a vacuum with little to no nuance is also bad for a game. Take for example the Unbending/Mercy where she walked combo. Which ability is truly at fault? The aura itself is powerful for sure, but in the context of the chanter his only healing options are Ancient Memory, Old Siec, Boil Their Flesh and Sip the Marrow and Rejoice my Comrades.
  21. I'm also leaning toward this path for Eder, Riposte seems to be a great addition to tantalize using a shield instead of dual sabres . However correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't Pallegina pre set multiclass option Paladin Kind Wayfarers/Five Suns and Priest?
  22. Unsure, as most things that approach explode into clouds of gore and viscera because of Cleaving Stance
  23. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919163362510757683/57111A112CD8539DD35A8E3D2D78E6FFE52D26D3/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919163362510882352/6A43A988DDFA45CF119B530181E93BCB52C66082/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside%7C2048%3A1152&composite-to=*,*%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black Sorry about the links, but Steam was giving me some grief about screenshots. As you can see in the links, My Spiritual Weapon is adding 871 Corrode damage to my attack. and as much as I enjoy felling every living thin
  24. Because it's not just Ciphers who are affected, and that a mathematically unbalanced game is not enjoyable for those who have to deal with it? Also you say you love playing Priests, but they are also one of the classes adversely effected by this change. Under this new change you will need Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Resolve, As opposed to Might, Dexterity and Intelligence of old. The reason this is so bad is that Priests although not to the degree of Ciphers, still relied on their weapon. For a majority of their career their spells are about strengthening themselves and their all
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