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  1. My understanding of the AoE circles was that the 2nd yellow circle of an AoE isn't supposed to affect friendly units. I've seen a tip popup to this affect a few times. However, with the Pernicious Cloud ability, allied targets entirely in the yellow circle are still affected. In the image below, every enemy and ally of the caster is hit by the cloud, and suffers the debuff, including the bear on the far-left who is clearly outside of the circle. The caster wasn't suffering any intellect affliction.
  2. I was never able to get the area to light up, even after the fight. Thankfully it just seemed to be the dip with the water that was bugged, the rest of the zone was fine.
  3. I was curious about this, so I paused a lot while using Evasive Fire to see if I could find anything. The character flips and swings their arm, and at just the right moment you can spot a small dagger thrown while using the attack. This explains why there are no weapon bonuses, but why the heck is this attack only usable with a Ranged Weapon if the character is throwing a dagger for the damage?
  4. I tried Evasive Fire with the rogue ability Coordinated Positioning yesterday, to great effect. The 2 abilities when chained together by a Rogue/Ranger multiclass allow you to reposition the entire enemy team together for AoEs on the 1st turn even. A very strong combo. This kind of synergy is where the abuse of infinite use free actions really comes into play.
  5. I've been having this really weird bug all game. Sometimes when I equip an item onto an adventurer, their hair color turns white, they grow about a foot taller, and their cape changes color. Equipping and unequipping items triggers this bug, it is very odd. Bugged Appearance: And after unequipping a ring, the appearance snaps back: I submitted a save file experiencing the bug to support@obsidian.net.
  6. I run a party with several rangers and since picking up this ability we almost immediately kill all low challenge enemies as soon as one of them gets a turn. (This is on PotD, with level upscaling) While the ability is spammable, it notably only does good damage against 'easy' enemies. Against anything hard it suffers from low penetration, accuracy, and %dmg bonuses, as it doesn't get the standard attack bonuses from the equipped weapon. Spamming this against anything tough will just successfully burn out all of your resources and make little impact. It does feel wrong to be able to spam through 10+ shots of this on easy fights, but on tough enemies where I need the weapon bonuses, it once again is mostly just useful for repositioning. It reminds me of Brand Enemy, and how 1 paladin can set the entire enemy team on fire right away. Although, that was a valid strategy in the real-time mode as well. Edit: Of note, Evasive Fire does not gain a bonus from Sneak Attack. This doesn't make sense thematically (shooting a guy isn't an attack?), but would further hurt the balance of the ability.
  7. I've got a bug where the fog of war isn't properly being removed when I walk into it. This prevents me from targeting any of the enemies inside. I attached an image displaying the issue. The arrow is pointing at the current active character, and I still can't see anything around him. This occurred in the Turn-based mode. I've only encountered this once so far. Edit: Was able to beat the encounter by using targeted abilities against the enemies in the turn-order list, but I couldn't get the area to light up at all.
  8. This bug affected one of my summoned units and there was nothing I could do. I was halfway through a megaboss and had to just restart.
  9. When the caster for Wall of Flame dies, the wall is considered to no longer be part of the fight, and drops from the turn order. This results in it fully playing out all of its remaining damage to any unfortunate enough to currently be in the wall, before disappearing. I've had casters lay down a Wall of Flame only to die to a DoT tick and kill anyone they dropped the wall on right away, as my party was helpless to act or move out of turn.
  10. What worked for me was to have characters always "Delay Turn" until after Dorudugan acted, in case he would summon Bombs. This will allow you to still act in the same round, so they won't have gone off yet. If a character still doesn't have enough movement to make it out, have them end their turn w/o acting, so they will have low enough initiative to act in the next round before the bombs have gone off.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Now we know what is going, just need to get the description improved.
  12. Fixable. One way or another. You can look at this topic https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108625-nemnok-nemnok-bmac-bmac/ if you want to know about mechanics behind the strange numbers. Also there's a chance for fix from Obsidian. I checked the other thread. I'm still not sure exactly how the numbers in the gamedatabundle map to a damage formula. From the abilities.gamedatabundle Devastating Blow: { "$type": "Game.GameData.FinishingBlowAbilityComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "BaseDamageMultiplier": 1.5, "TargetHealthRatio": 0.5, "BonusDamageMultiplierPerPercent": 0.06 } Based on my tests and interpretation of this file, this sounds like the "BaseDamageMultiplier" is the flat 50%, that we always get. Is the "TargetHealthRatio" the health threshold before the BonusDamageMultiplierPercent kicks in? If the 6% multiplier is added for every 1% lost past 50%, that could be 300% extra damage, for a total of 350%, which could match what I saw. So what would be the formula derived from this file? Either way, I'd be nice for the tooltip to get clarified.
  13. Other abilities, such as Blinding Strike, that have a listed "Bonus Damage" % in the ability description apply it additively to other positive modifiers in the combat log. It would be very odd for this one to be done differently.
  14. The base ability, Finishing Blow, quotes both a 25% and a 50% as well. As far as I can tell the 25% doesn't do anything for this ability, as the 50% overwrites it. It shouldn't be listed in either tooltip as it's misleading. Honestly, I'm more interested in how I got the 312%. It makes me wonder if other abilities are more-powerful than indicated. :\
  15. I noticed that the damage bonus granted from "Devastating Blow" doesn't match up with the description of the ability. As shown from the in-game description, the ability should have a "Bonus Damage: +25%", a "+50% damage", and a "+200% damage by percentage of health lost". To me this reads a minimum of 75% damage (25+50), and a theoretical max of 275% (200+50+25). However, both of these numbers are wrong. Attached below I have first the result of a target shot at almost no health, and another at full health. The only listed damage bonus from Devastating Blow are 312% and 50%, respectively. Neither of these values are within the expected range indicated by the ability description. Description: Result of shooting a "low-health" target, almost entirely out of health. Result of shooting a target at full health.
  16. I've noticed some inconsistent behavior when using the Ranger passive "Driving Flight", which grants ranged attacks the ability to bounce to an additional enemy. When using the ability with Rogue abilities, e.g. Gouging Strike /Devastating Blow, the entire effect of the attack also applies to the 2nd, bounced target. The shot gains all of the effects of the original and the -50% to damage for the bounce. I assume this is working as intended. When using any of the abilities from the "Wounding Shot" tree, the 2nd target is never afflicted with the damage over time component of the shot. Notably, the combat log still shows "Wounding Shot" as the source of the damage, and in the case of "Accurate Wounding Shot", the accuracy bonus still applies, so only the DoT is missing. I assume this is a bug, because the damage over time component for "Gouging Strike" does also apply to the bounced target. It strikes me as odd that seemingly just the "Wounding Shot" abilities leaves off the major effect of the skill. Thanks for looking into this.
  17. I had the EXACT same problem when using Dragon's Dowry against some Fire Immune enemies. It has a portion of damage as Fire, but some Fire Immune enemies would just flash "Immune" to the entire hit, even avoiding the Pierce damage.
  18. The issue is that once an upgrade has been chosen for an ability, it is no longer possible to use the original, non-upgraded form, in most cases. I would like the ability to still use the non-upgraded form. If I'm not mistaken, there is already a precedent for this, as Lay on Hands is still cast-able even when its upgrades have been unlocked. I've found a few use-cases: 1) Same-name buffs don't stack (but upgraded/unupgraded ones do). This prevents multiple characters in a party that share a class from properly debuffing a target together if they have both upgraded in the same manner. For example, if 2 hunters each have Accurate Wounding shot and are attacking the same target, having the option to use the unupgraded version would let each of them apply the debuff, but when on different targets, they could still use the upgraded form to apply the DoT and still enjoy the accuracy bonus from the upgrade. This also applies for multiple users of Hunter's Mark, Sworn Enemy, or any DoT ability. 2) Differing resource costs. For example, say your chanter wants to summon wurms and you're 1 phrase short and have upgraded. Being able to use the original form would let you summon without waiting. 3) The ability picks up a new damage type. Brand Enemy and the healing/burning invocation becomes undesireable when you suddenly come up against an enemy that heals when taking fire damage (looking at you Dorudugan). Did my paladin just forget how to use the basic Sworn Enemy? I'd like to still have the damage bonus, but without healing him in the process. I assume the original forms are removed after upgrades to clean up options for players under the assumption that there would be no reason to ever use the unupgraded version, but there are a few, and maybe even some I did not think of.
  19. Sometimes when a summon times out the game will keep an 'invisible' place in the turn order for them. When their turn comes up the yellow turn arrow points at the last place they were before they desummoned and it waits for a few seconds before moving on. For long fights this can get very irritating as several instances of the bug can occur causing a large wait for all invisible summoned creatures turns to be passed over. I noticed when I was fighting "Huani O Whe" as the fight is very long. I was using the upgraded wyrms and the ogres summons.
  20. It's possible to trigger the heal from the Exalted Endurance aura several times in a turn by having a character step in and out of the aura range. A character with large stride can leverage it to fully heal at no cost.
  21. The Slippers of the Assassin from the Deck of Many things are supposed to trigger a temporary invisibility the first time per encounter the equipped character kills an enemy, but it doesn't seem to be working. After getting a kill, the item shows 0/1 on the charge, indicating it has been used, and I see a puff of smoke, but my character doesn't get a buff and enemies immediately move towards and target him anyway. I'm not sure if this is caused by TBM or not. My character has +65% int bonus, so I should get 1 round from the buff. Edit: Just after posting this, I got the buff on a kill, so it's not perfectly consistent. Yeah, I can't reproduce this anymore. The item "flipped on", and now it triggers properly. Even on barrels it grants the buff. I went ahead and submitted a save file experiencing the bug to support@obsidian.net.
  22. Thanks! As an update, this bug appears to be somewhat more prolific than I thought. The "Flame Blight" summoned by "Belt of Magran's Chosen" also is Immune to the piercing damage from Dragon's Dowry, even though it only has "Immunity" for its Fire Armor stat, and no visible "Fire Immunity" buff.
  23. Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are also improperly immune to the piercing damage when shot by the Dragon's Dowry Arquebus. I'm not talking about enemies with "Immune" as their listed amount of Fire armor, these enemies will still properly take the piercing damage. Enemies with the Fire Immunity buff are completely unaffected by shots with Dragon's Dowry, presumably because it does a small portion of its damage as fire. When shot with the weapon a popup flashes that they are Immune, and the entire shot has no effect on them. This is in v4.1.2.0047.
  24. This lets you duplicate your best quick items too. I wouldn't say there's an urgency to fix this, as it isn't game-breaking, but it's still worth fixing.
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