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  1. I experienced this bug playing The Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC. During the first Survivor arena battle where you fight multiple waves of Guls i ran into a bug when the final wave of Guls spawned - basically my team wasn't assigned initiative at all and the final wave of Guls simply took their turns over and over endlessly (i watched for 30min before i got bored of waiting)
  2. Having now reached level 20 with a geared up team on PotD everything feels very good in my opinion, most things die quite quickly and i wouldn't want it to be any easier, however i do agree that the pacing is a bit slow earlier on, i just hope any potential changes won't make the upper levels too trivial.
  3. First of all i'd just like to say that i absolutely LOVE the turn based mode, fantastic addition to the game. A couple of times in my current playthrough i have run into a pretty serious bug - when a team member is Terrified and can't seem to pathfind properly they just get stuck and i cannot end their turn (their turn status is stuck on waiting). I have had this happen multiple times in the Neriscyrlas fight and the only way i was able to fix it was by skipping turn via console commands. Please let me know if there is further info i can provide that will help.
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