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  1. 300 Everyone! EDIT: Crap, 301 That's right, 301 posts of worthless nonsense. Love it!
  2. That's because most men are weak & pathetic beings who have little control over their base passions. Target accepted. you need us men to give you the painless beef injection so you can have children so when you get your welfare check in the mail, it gets an extra $500. so dont you sit here and say 'oooooo guys are pathetic" I find it hilarious that you think I am a woman..... Don't worry, it happens to me enough....between online and the phone. <_< I doubt I'd get confused of.
  3. I should have known this is what happens after about 270 replies. BTW: I only speak English.
  4. My name is a hybrid between Bo (my nickname) and Rikishi, the fat wrestler. As for my avatar, well, I had a hutt in the BioBoards...
  5. I read that Shaq put his Los Angeles house on the market today.
  6. Umm... Yeah, all the women and sadists love killing her right?
  7. Oops is this considered spam here? Never mind, don't click here.
  8. I think 50%. EDIT: oops, I wasn't expecting poll to appear twice
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