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  1. When you have the durationtype set to infinite for a status effect, does it matter if the duration is set to 0 or 1? I noticed that different status effects had either a 0 or 1 but I haven't been able to figure out why. Anybody have any insights? It seems like it shouldn't matter...
  2. Maybe it's just a logistics thing. Like all the romanceable compaions are bi and that creates parity for people who prefer to play one gender or another. But if you have Eder be straight and romanceable, does that mean they have to have an additional female character who's straight? Does it mean they have to have another male character who's gay? Most reasonable people would say no, and that these are just characters and their writers obviously know them well enough to decide their sexuality. But very vocal people will get upset about how it isn't fair. And honestly, after seeing a lot of
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure if I was unclear but I just want *more* content. Not particularly romantic content between the Watcher and the companions. I feel the companions are different enough that there were lots of interesting veins that could've been explored had there been time for more fleshed out conversations. Like maybe Aloth's troubled family situation and Tekehu's probably very pampered upbringing. Or Aloth and Serafen and how they individually suffered. Like for Aloth and Serafen, most of them talking is just a lot of snark from both sides. But it would've been really cool to see them getti
  4. I wish Obsidian had Bioware's resources...I went back and listened to all the companion banter for Inquisition and there's something like 5 hours worth between 9 different characters. I imagine it was an incredible amount of work to write and record, but it was nice because there was room for each companion combination to have their own relationship arc. Many of them were like Pallegina's and Tekehu's where you had difference or conflict and then character growth or resolution or at least understanding. I would've liked to get to know some of Deadfire's companions more...maybe I would like
  5. I think there are literally only two conversations. It felt rather abrupt...you kind of just admit your feelings and kiss and that's that. There's very little focus on your relationship at all. I found it kind of...flat.
  6. Heh, yeah. When I got to the ending slides in my Tekehu run and saw "He has work to do in the Deadfire, but his heart - and, he insists, the rest of him - is yours," I couldn't help a sneaking feeling of disbelief. Are committed relationships even a thing with the Huana? The game seems to imply they're not. Committed? I can believe it... MONOGAMOUS? I’m very dubious lol. They just seem to love everybody... particularly if they are looking at them at the time. So maybe I'm biased if you can't tell my pic...but I definitely interpreted Tekehu's character as being able to be monogamous.
  7. I prefer 'Unbridled Capitalism' over the ****ed up Caste system and what basically adds up to slavery that is the Huana regime. I mean, the caste system does suck. But one could make the argument that there's a level of informed consent among everybody involved. The Roparu make the best of it even if the best of it is starving. They may or may not genuinely believe that if they tough it through and do their best, they might get reincarnated into a higher caste. From a comparative view, you could make the argument that both follow the same pyramid-shaped level of exploitation where reso
  8. Huh. I do think Viv and Pallegina have a lot of common parallels. I don't think Viv was shallow in the least. The Circle was a traumatic place, and she learned how to play the game. I think at the end if she becomes head of the Circle, she works towards helping mages. She wants to help, but she just believes in reform versus abolition. Both Viv and Pallegina have a lot of faith in their respective institutions I think. I think they can come across as cold or callous in some respects. And they certainly do little to persuade other people otherwise because other people's opinions just aren't tha
  9. Will the comestic options include something like a cosmetic armor slot? It's a shame that there are so many interesting non-combat outfits in the game but I can only look at them for a few seconds before switching back into usable armor. I guess if not a slot then a way to transmog one item's appearance on to another for the armor and helmet. Also I hope "customization" options include more portraits. Please! I know it's not gamebreaking or urgent but having like two more for each gender/race combination would be a godsend.
  10. Please review the entirety of the final conversation that the Watcher has with the gods before going to Ukaizo. There are quite a number of discrepancies where what is said by the narrator is not written in the text. Most of it is often stuff like "She says" or "Wael says" with some parts missing more elaborate short phrases. There is also one text frame where the narrator says both text paragraphs but in the reverse order. When I encountered it, I started to keep track but there were so many instances of the missing text that I stopped. Edit: I went back through it a second time and have 28
  11. When conversing with Maia after she returns to your party for her vision quest, the first option in your replies is "Why don't you start from the begnning." instead of "beginning."
  12. So, yeah title says it all. I played last night and everything was mostly fine except for the combat memory leak. When I tried to start it up today after patching, the game doesn't even start up. Just gets a message window saying the game crashed and telling me to send the crash info folder to the developer. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
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