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  1. Full attack suggestions: Dual wield - weapon damage from both (current state) Single weapon - weapon damage plus raw damage over time Two Hander - weapon damage in a 90 degree frontal cone Weapon and Shield - weapon/shield damage plus prone or interrupt
  2. It does in fact count towards the soulbound dagger’s kill requirement. “Battery” related objects also seem to count.
  3. The last 10 codes will come out this week even if they were previously displayed somewhere. The scavenger hunt was always meant to be light hearted and fun. It wouldn’t make sense to leave people hanging with only 9 of the 10 items. Regardless, I am eager for the game release. Another great story and adventure awaits!
  4. @Answermancer I agree as well. There's probably a happy medium for allowing each class to do their own thing but also be able to have interesting abilities that fit an arch type. @all A few thoughts (some might be op) and what rank these would fall in the class trees (and if specific to particular classes) would be debatable. The emphasis is on interesting abilities that allow for some flexibility depending on what kind of weapons are equipped without being fully niched*. Perhaps placing these in higher ranks in the trees so multi-classing can't double dip. "War Veteran" - "gain 5% damage with 1-handed melee weapons and for every 10 seconds of battle gain 5 accuracy with 1-handed melee weapons" "Berserker's Rage" - "gain 5% damage with 2-handled melee weapons and for every 10 seconds of battle gain 5% damage with 2-handled melee weapons" "Assassin's Mark" - "gain 5% damage with melee weapons and for every 10 seconds of battle gain 1 penetration for each currently equipped weapon" "Sight of the Eagle" - "gain 5% damage with range weapons and for every 10 seconds of battle gain 5 accuracy with range weapons" "Immovable Bulwark" - "gain 5% all defense while equipped with a shield and for every 10 seconds of battle gain 5 deflection while equipped with a shield" *definition of fully niched - specifically "sword", specifically "medium shield", etc. or only applying to proficient weapons. The point I am trying to make, as several others have mentioned, is that it should be possible to customize your character the way you want without necessarily having to multi-class to get to particular abilities that fit your play style. This doesn't diminish multi-classes; it just gives another way to build your character.
  5. There's probably more to come on this. Also remember that voices haven't been fully implemented yet so we are only getting visual cues in the beta so far. Using the 'wait' feature while in town can help see the changes but I agree with folks that the changes are far and few. I am more interested in seeing the story line depending on the environment, for example, "meet with person X and he/she only comes at night in the woods". Tangentially, it would be cool if night time and rain would affect battle conditions, like decreasing accuracy and slipping on the ground, but that might be stretch on top of everything else that needs to be completed/polished for the game.
  6. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Character A and Character B both have injuries. 2. Go to the rest screen (out in the wild, not an inn) and only give character A food. 3. After resting, character A will have the injury removed and character B won't. Works as intended at this point. 4. Go back to the rest screen. "Share" character A's food by dragging it to character B. 5. Drag actual food from your inventory to character B. 6. After resting, character B's injury will persist. Workaround: Steps #4-6 will prevent that character from being able to clear injuries out in the wild moving forward. Going to an inn and resting, however, always removes the problem as well as the injuries. Reloading from a prior save would work too. I also tested with clicking the food on the rest screen to remove it for that character, then giving actual food from the inventory, and that doesn't remove the injury. I also tested this with various kinds of food (fish, other stuff) and got the same result regardless of the type of food. Suggested fix: The sharing/dragging of food from one character to another on the rest screen, I suspect, is unintended behavior and preventing the player from doing that will prevent this issue from happening. Question to Developers: Should characters be able to share food? It's a realistic idea since people share food all the time IRL but in game it would be near impossible to ever run out of food if allowed. Also, the buffs from the food to all five characters would be overpowering (note that from testing the buffs don't go to characters that had food shared with them). Even if the prior food buff was replaced, this would become op with higher level food/meals by getting five meals for the price of one.
  7. To me this feels like the devs were going for realism and preserving the function of food/cooking. I didn’t use food that much in POE 1. It would be useful before big fights but it always felt ancillary to me. In POE 2, it’s realistic for food to be used with resting and it’s realistic for resting to mend injuries. I agree with what folks have mentioned about possible abuse of resting. Adding back camping supplies would be a deterrent/limitation and also keeping with the realism that the devs are looking for.
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