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  1. was thinking in combat agenst the other on the list.
  2. Nihilus is the worst. Nihilus: blah blah blah blah blah(and more BLAH BLAH) Nihilust use force drain that dont work on exil Nihilus: GOD DAMMIT. Nihilust get STABBED by the exile dont know why you putt revan on the list
  3. they only said that they would'nt let the game behind, it's still not in development. but they are hoping that it soon will be.... so it could be sometime till the game is in development :'(
  4. the best is taris and manaan (dont realy like anyof the planet in K2 exept Duxn
  5. was going for maul but i hit the wrong and went for revan. :angry:
  6. went for the starforge.....malacor V is or was just a ruin of the Mandalorian War, it did'nt maintain any power, just a bunch of beasts that i dont remember the name of and trayus academy..... starforge maintains ancient power, it's not(maybe not) in ruin since it was still operational and all....
  7. PT... why....cooler and better fighting in both jedi and non jedi fights,better graffic(makes it looks more real),you have the twist from palpatine(the DS turning of aniken) and you have the sad momenth that most people want to forget.....when aniken kills the young ones in the academy :'( :'( , and the killing of the jedi order
  8. yeah it's only visas who knows, but during his battle with the exile nihilus spirit was protected by a holocron that later got to darth krayt millenia later so cant say his fully dead
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