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  1. They need to focus on bugs first. The game actually running is more important than worrying about balance right now. Instead of taking a more self serving approach in an all caps rant, look at the overall picture. Once the important things are fixed they can move on to these issues. I usually give all games a little time after launch to iron things out. In the meantime I play something else.
  2. It installed tonight. It gives you a ring called Gaun's Pledge that does AOE healing.
  3. It's listed at SteamDB too. Considering it says "Pillars of Eternity Owners Bonus", it might be that if you own the first game it's a loyalty gift. I'm sure it will connect somehow but it only appeared yesterday in the database.
  4. Ydwin was supposed to be a full companion as the last stretch goal. Due to some people having a ridiculous issue with her design, we didn't make it. They went out of their way to make an issue of it and cost some pledges. People are very shortsighted. I wish Obisidian would have just made her one to make a point. I'm sure it wouldn't have been that hard.
  5. Considering there is no America in Pillars, you argument is pointless. You can't connect our world with a fantasy world just because you have some sort of issue with a certain people. This whole post is an attempt at drama. It's thinly veiled. The Pillars world would have many accents. Xoti accent is of her region.
  6. Hey everyone, I may have missed it but I looked. In all the anarchy of the DLC items, I still haven't seen these from the Premium Fig Edition. Cosmo and hat appeared after the fix but not these: Tiny Obsidian Wurm Pets Cloak of the Obsidian Order Obsidian Sword Anyone find them and maybe let us know. Thanks.
  7. There are 8 portraits, not 6. Check the website - there may be 8 members of Vox Machina, but the website banner only has 6 portraits on there. Sure it's speculation, but there's a chance. I clearly see 8 portaits. Only one is revealed.
  8. I really don't like that they reduced the party size. It feels a little lazy. There were other ways they could have addressed this issue but it would have taken a little more effort I guess. This always concerns me in the thought process and how it will continue.
  9. Great news. It's nice to have full voice overs in a game. I am glad they are doing well enough to justify the cost to increase the quality of the game. Signs like this make me happy to see CRPG coming back.
  10. I think they aren't all out there yet but I do think that we are missing too many this close to release. It make sense that all of them would be before release so you can have the items when we first start.
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