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  1. If you have too many people it will be hard to choose who you want to take out onto a planet. (I had trouble just deciding with nine people) KOTOR II had cool robes, but I like many people, believe that you should be able to raise your hood. That'd be awesome! I don't know whether or not that you should start out as a new character, I do in a way want to be someone new, but I also want to start the Exile's quest to find Revan. Maybe you could be the Exile and start out meeting up with Carth and Bastila and travel to the Unknown Regions. (Carth may or may not be able to go because he may have busy Admiral duties.) When/if there is a point in the game where the Exile and Revan rendezvous, they should plan on how to erradicate the Sith Empire. It could either just be the Exile and Revan alone (with your party members of course) or with the Republic miliatary. But there should be a point where you and Revan fight the Sith Empire and something vital to your characters happen. This is just some of the stuff I want to see in KOTOR III. :D
  2. GO-TO. I never used him since I usually hit Narshadaa later on in my game, so there's NO need to use him because I have just about everyone. So I use a mod to turn him into Darth Nihilus... :D
  3. pcgamemods won't let me enter the site either, it's just not working...
  4. I have a question. Is this Nihilus vs. Sion thing going to be placed in the TSLRP mod or M4-78 mod, or is it individual? And if it is individual, will it most likely be compatible with the other two mods maybe?
  5. Cool Pavlos! Are those really some of the plans you're going to add to the M4-78 mod? That would be awesome! (w00t)
  6. I know that! I was just asking how's it going, don't jump to conclusions...
  7. Subtle aren't you ? I presumed everyone had become disinterested in our little project, given the lack of questions recently, along with the massive resurge in interest for TSLRP. You want updates? Hmm... well nothing interesting is going on really, just me debugging countless scripts and creating an excessive amount include files (I really do love them) <_<. Oh and writing for somewhat eccentric droids is fun. What's your opinion of this quest name? "Fatal Exception." Edit: And in other news I just deleted the source code for k_sup_galaxymap - which is annoying... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I interested in this project, and I can't wait to put this and TSLRP together to get the FULL game experience. Enjoy your work on those scripts! And my opinion on the quest name "Fatal Exception" is that it sounds interesting, and I can't wait to see what it's about!!! :D
  8. Who knows. And the next Progress Report will happen the next time a beta tester hands over an image of restored/fixed content to Dash. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Any idea when that will be? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whenever a beta tester feels like it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, thanks.
  9. Who knows. And the next Progress Report will happen the next time a beta tester hands over an image of restored/fixed content to Dash. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Any idea when that will be?
  10. I agree. And yes, COURUSCANT IS A MUST!!! (w00t)
  11. If memory serves...two or three months? But it's for good reason. The next build will be .7b1 which will contain most of the cut-content like Malachor V (As well as a bug-fix which causes a crash when the transition is made to Malachor V) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, okay thanks. I'd much rather see it take a jump to .7b1 instead of having it go up slowly. But how long will that take, like another two, three months? And does anyone know when I progress report will be released on Team Gizka's website? (I have no clue about either of those questions since I'm fairly new to the Restoration Project.) Thanks.
  12. I just want to congratulate Team Gizka for restoring the cut content for KOTOR II at the moment. Keep up the good work!!! And I have a question also, what is the current build right now? 0.6b6, right? And how long as it been like that? Just wondering...
  13. This looks like it's gonna be great! i can't wait until someone comes along and posts some more M4-78 action and dialogue pictures and stuff like that. (That's your cue....)
  14. I also want to figure out more about ALL of that in KOTOR III. The main thing is what/who the True Sith are, and why they're in the Unknown Regions. But I do also want to see some of the KOTOR II characters...
  15. And how many files can fit in the Override folder? I'm clueless. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As many as your computer can handle. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A lot I think, but I won't know until it comes out...
  16. And how many files can fit in the Override folder? I'm clueless.
  17. Ok, thanks for answering that Override question. But do you think TSLRP mod will take up that many files too?
  18. Most likely <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think we might see new planets within the Unknown Regions. But somewhere along the lines Korriban might be there.
  19. My lightsaber form depends on which position I'm in. If I am surrounded by people with blasters then I use Soresu, if dark jedi or just random bad guys are around me then I use Makashi, and so on and so on. But again, Makashi is my favorite.
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