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  1. You know the Override folder where you stick your mods, how much space do you think TSLRP and the M4-78 mod will take up when you download them?
  2. I believe the droids will stay, possibly the Ebon Hawk, I have no clue like everyone else...
  3. I'm asking for your opinion everyone, do you think the Ebon Hawk should remain in the game? Or T3-M4, and HK-47?
  4. Depends on what they are. Skins and new force powers should still work. The problem would probably fall under dialog mods like the USM. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, thanks.
  5. It could be on Couracant. But I was just stating names of academys from KOTOR II. Oh well, it would make perfect sense for it to be on Couracant.
  6. Isnt Malachor destroyed <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the lightside ending it is... and since that is the canon ending I'm guessing that the academy will be on Dantioone, or maybe Telos...
  7. I'd say Makashi is my favorite form... I only ever got Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu...
  8. I think KOTOR III should mainly be focused on the Exile and Revan meeting up with eachother, or having a third character go out and find them. At some point in the game Revan and the Exile should fight the Sith Empire together. Meanwhile, I believe some of your KOTOR II party members should stay on Malachor V or Dantioone and start up a New Jedi Order. (The person depends on who is still alive after the TSLRP.) This is just what I think may happen...
  9. Will other downloaded mods still work when the TSLRP mod is on your computer? I'm asking because I'm new to the Restoration Project thing.
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