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  1. I want to be playing as the Jedi Exile (female) and trying to find Revan in the Unknown Regions and unite with him against the True Sith. I also want to see Mical, Visas, Atton, Bastila, and other old friends of Revan and the Exile help rebuild the Jedi Order on Coruscant.
  2. Say KOTOR III has about 6 planets, these are the ones I want. Coruscant: The reason is because I want our Jedi to explore this awesome planet and maybe visit the Jedi Temple. Mandalore: I want this planet because I want something all out to happen between the Mandalorians and possibly the Sith. A battle could form here. Alderaan: I kinda want to visit this planet because of its awesome features. There are a lot of cool things there, and maybe some form of unrest can be found there in the game. Mustafar: Maybe we could get a chance to see it while it was still lushious and green. There were Jedi Temples there, but they ended up getting destroyed. It might be a cool place to check out. Kamino: I just want to see what it was like before Episode II. An Unknown Regions Planet: A planet in the Unknown Regions would be good. Maybe you could find Revan there. Or maybe it could be inhabited by the Sith. Those are some planets I want to see.
  3. Any news? I'm not asking when it will be done I just want to know how you're progressing since this forum is going a bit slow.
  4. A schutta is a weasel-like animal indigenous to Ryloth. Twi'leks insulted sapients by calling them "schutta." It was also a favorite insult of some humans, such as Atton Rand. I took this off of "wookiepedia" and I read it in a book.
  5. If the enemies that I was attacking were far away, I'd force jump to them. But normally I use flurry. But on KOTOR 1 I didn't have flurry and all I used was critical attack because back then I didn't understand the combat system.
  6. I actually don't want to see more sith lords. I want to see great sith masters of the sith empire. I want all of them to be stronger than all of the other bosses from the other games. That would make the game feel more challenging.
  7. When KOTOR III comes out do you think it will be on XBOX or only for XBOX 360? If it's only on 360, then I'm getting the PC version. (Please let there be a PC version!)
  8. Dang it! Now I really want to know what's gonna happen.
  9. Oh, okay. Thanks, Xard and Wildstorm. :D (I don't usually play darkside) Thanks, Ferr.M
  10. Well, it's quite obvious during gameplay. It would happen if probably all the Atton/Disciple scenes were triggered and the ones between Atton and Kreia, where Kreia says that "our time will come." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, but how do avoid them from fighting? I usually watch all the videos and get full influence with them both. Or should I not watch the video where they fight? (I usually want to.) Reply back if you know. Thanks, Ferr.M
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