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  1. Quite sure they mean the strategy guide with a proper game walkthrough, whilst the guidebook is centered around art and lore. Don't think theres any info out about it, to my knowledge anyway.
  2. Would love to see you work your magic on this one, when you've hunted all the monsters Aramintai
  3. Yeah indeed, I totally forgot about the baseline summon. I'll probably drop the Firebrand dreams and do shattered pillar / soul blade or assassin / soul blade. Interesting nonetheless. Here's to hoping they buff cast-times.
  4. Agreed! It's also worth noting RES is widely known as the attribute to open up all these options in dialogue, while this is to some extent true - it's far from a guaranteed win-option. Many times RES will have effect but not necessarily a good effect on whatever situational outcome. I think we'll see even more of this in PoE2 with all it's reactive writing. The whole point is to always have your thematic strengths and weaknesses in scripted interactions, combat and dialogue. While you can to some degree evenly spread this and hit most of the checks, whenever you do and don't hit the check
  5. Oh I didn't know it was in the beta to begin with, how much worse is it? Had unconclusive results upon a quick google. (perhaps a little off-topic since it's related to PoE2 now but) What if you multi-classed something like shattered pillar / soul blade and went Firebrand for style points, given its not horrifically bad. I guess I'll end up doing some assassin / soul blade shenanigans!
  6. Ah thats exactly what I wanted to know, I figured there had to be some difference between DoTs and a direct hit mechanically and how they're tracked. Makes sense. Firebrand is awesome and a ton of fun indeed. I've been mixing and matching my playstyle around a little and then going into the beta in order to try out the same thing, it's been a pretty depressive affair apart from Soul Blade.
  7. So I decided to pick up the (fairly) new Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer and as a Cipher I had this real smug thought that I'd be able to finish the final unlock: (Deal 500 Burn damage to enemies to unlock the next level) with Soul Ignition, after some cheesy dotting I just noticed it actually doesn't count. Any idea why this is the case? Is there a differentiation between DoT and a hit of Burn damage in this case?
  8. Okay, that's all good. My last playthrough going on now, in preparation for Deadfire is a ranged Cipher on POTD with the stat spread: MIG:15 / CON:10 / DEX:10 / PER:15 / INT:18 / RES:10 This is far from min-maxed and its not supposed to be so in any case either for my own playthrough, but feel free to dump CON or MIG for instance depending on your stance towards a supporting role. If you would like to get RES for some dialogue checks or keep it up in general - you can easily do so whilst PER and INT is actually benefitting me very much. I don't do the most damage in my party by far and Im
  9. If you're very concerned about having all the dialogue nailed down, do keep in mind having around 15 in critical stats will let you boost them up to 18 with a single item or buff. It'd be fine but I wouldnt be able to justify the RES very easily unless you plan to get up close. If you're planning to play on normal or hard I can't don't even think you have to ponder too much about your stat-spread at all, as you level up it'll matter less and less. Anywho to answer your question, for a Cipher I'd probably go for moderate stats across the board and use the keep for RES I suppose. What diffic
  10. Had a very hard time deciding between a canon Cipher and Monk, ended up doing Cipher. Multi-classing into rogue seems so much fun in Deadfire.
  11. For sure monks are amazing and sturdy, if you tried out any of the solo-Monk builds you'd get really handy results with the monk with very little effort. It's naturally very tanky and putting in even 16 RES will do wonders for off-tanking while still keeping wounds high for Torments Reach.
  12. To be quite frank you cant go wrong with Boeroers build and as mentioned above RES really opens dialogue up. However, RES is very easy to keep buffed in the mid-game if one desires to do so. While a melee Cipher is a ton of fun! I would almost recommend you give ranged bow-Cipher a shot to contrast all the melee-talk. Assuming you don't even want to do some min-maxing or even dumping a stat, you could quite handily do something like: MIG:15 / CON:10 / DEX:10 / PER:15 / INT:18 / RES:10 That should open up some very neat dialogue with the option of buffing your RES, and not to mention h
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