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  1. I am not lecturing them. I am saying that actions have consequences. They will lose customers from this action. Go to any forum outside here and look (well even on here you see people voicing their opinion) It is not only us the consumer, but also the developer/publisher that have to actually voice their opinion. If they sit back and do nothing they are to blame as well. There are many ways to ensure that your product is published freely etc.
  2. No it is a Epic exclusive, some say that it is also on the win shop, but don't you need win10 for that (it is pretty much just an xbox shop) They advertised on steam for hype, then took the money from Epic and made it exclusive. I have lost alot of respect from obsidian after this! People that care about pro consumer features and choice in where to buy, should not support this practice and the Epic shop (they want a monopoly market ala xbox)
  3. It tells me that you don't understand how developer/publisher relationships work, and haven't been following this game sufficiently to understand that Obsidian did not make this decision. I fully understand what is at play. The cut people talk about is also stupid, since Tim Sweeney have already said 12% for them is not viable once they launch more features (if they do) It is also only the Publisher that benefit from this, not the developer and the big loser is you and me (the consumer) If they wanted to release the game exclusive on my self made server platform (I can just attach
  4. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109203-actions-have-consequences/
  5. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109203-actions-have-consequences/ Should tell you all you need to know about that.
  6. Hi all. I have not been very active on this forum for a long while, but I have played all games Obsidian made (old and new) and I loved PoE and PoE2. But now that will change and it makes me a little sad to actually do so, but I simply can't support Obsidian in their current behaviour. - I want to say I understand the logic behind their "free cash to go exclusive on 3rd party shop" but for consumers this is a problem! I will never go to a site like Epic, it is not just anti consumer it has poor security, steal information from users (they even admitted this and tried to hide it as a mi
  7. Whilst true that the inconsistencies extend beyond Eder and Vela, the latest beta build notes mention new changes made to a broader range of values that were not being applied correctly. Most (likely all) of the value will only correctly set on a completely new start. Existing campaigns will already have the improper values assigned (Not sure Obsidian will ever be able to correct existing campaigns as that poses a huge headache). So are the inconsistencies you're seeing with Wael and such coming after using the latest beta build and starting a completely new campaign and import?
  8. I've reinstalled the beta (on steam) today to test the Eder bug and I can confirm that it now works! It will be great playing the game later
  9. Sounds great will opt for beta later and try it out. I guess they want to keep beta for a week more to release full patch with dlc I tested the new beta update today and they have fixed alot it seems, since my import save no correctly makes Eder mayor
  10. Hopefully the stuff that does not work in beta is irked out in the full patch
  11. Someone took a tweet from JSawyer saying "we're targeting Tuesday" to mean "there will be a patch Tuesday" instead of "we're working on a patch that we hope will be ready on Tuesday". I guess there are still alot of issues since the beta didnt fix much. Guess it will come later in the week
  12. Are you telling us that if Eder is bugged for us in the beta it will in the full patch as well ? Because then I think it will be a long time until I get to play. Do you have a eta for the patch?
  13. This!!! I would've respec'd already if it wasn't for this, and the price is only getting higher and higher... It should be fixed in the patch that will come out today. It's possible the patch today will simply be the current beta patch (build 82) being pushed to live. If that's the case, it won't include that fix. But they'll most likely keep updating the beta branch with newer builds, so hopefully a fix will happen soon, regardless of it it's on live or beta. I doubt it, since they said they would address some of the stuff from the beta, so I honestly think it will have m
  14. It will change once the new patch comes later today. People also go wonkers if everything is not perfect from the get go
  15. This!!! I would've respec'd already if it wasn't for this, and the price is only getting higher and higher... It should be fixed in the patch that will come out today.
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