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  1. We're dealing with relatively small amounts, so the daily amount cant indicate much. It will spike when word gets around and it will be low on silent days. Can't see predictions having any value now.
  2. I dislike that idea. If we had Cadegund as a full companion, people would be making harem parties including her, Pallegina, Maia and Ydwin. At least I would.
  3. Excuse my terribly bad knowledge of the lore, but who in Eora decides who deserves to be a saint? Are there churches or other religious groups whose leaders decide so, like in irl? Or is it like a folkish hero cult more akin to pre-christian religions?
  4. I mean it can't be too complicated. Like, you throw him a bone every once in a while (or whatever Orlans eat), and maybe you can attach a backpack to it so it can carry some of your junk. I'm really looking forward to it.
  5. I don't think Eder is so much liked because of the manner he can be described, but rather because of how his quest and dialogue were written. It invoked sympathy, which the other characters rather lacked. But that's just my observation, might be wrong. Personally, I usually dislike those characters with that normal regular guy concept. When I want to talk to regular people, I just leave my house.
  6. I fully agree with you. If it makes sense for a character to develop a romantic relationship with the PC, then they should go for it. Also, if at the end the romance feels like it adds more to the player's experience with the character and makes the player feel more close to the character, then I don't see a logical reason why it wouldn't be a good idea to include it. However, adding romance to a character for no better reason than that there is a demand for it, would be just an example of bad writing. Same could be said about homosexual content. If the only reason they would add it is tha
  7. I don't mind the difficulty in White March, but the encounters seem a little forced. And that bores the hell out of me, and if my party accidentally dies then I get too tilted to continue. Like, do you really need to put enemies behind every corner? I felt like wherever you move or whatever you do, you have to fight something for no good reason. Does the door to the matriarch ogre really need to be locked, so you have to go through a dozen other ogres to get there? Does Galvino really need to own a huge villa full of monsters, with him residing at the other end of the house? These and similar
  8. I'm a bit turned off by those "realistic" characters that are intentionally flawed. I mean I get that no one is perfect, but this is a video game and a fantasy story, so you could leave some romanticism in there. Allow yourself to create a character that can be a little cliche, like a hero who has high morals and is strongly committed to his cause, or a wise ruler who is not corrupted by power, but actually cares about his kingdom, etc. etc. Just throwing my opinion there, I understand that people have various tastes considering characters. But, I think that always adding negative sides to
  9. I believe it's because they did good work by incorporating Viconia's character and backstory into the romance dialogues. Also, all the dialogue was well arranged to fit the story. That being said, good romantic plotlines can be done and are not that impossible as people often assume.
  10. In some way denying romances is just as bad as forcing them imo. Just think about it. You make the PC be able to have a great impact on a characters life, yet the character can never develop any romantic feelings for the PC? That just sounds plain bad, as you ignore a whole bunch of emotions that your characters could develop and which are totally normal for humans. Also it's kinda unnatural, like you create (for example) a 30 year old character in your game, yet that character simply never thinks about choosing a mate or reproducing, which is biologically among the strongest human desires.
  11. Quests that proc based on your class, race or background picks are a great idea imo, as they instantly react to and reward your choices. Also, I was thinking maybe they could add a brief segment of the game that takes us to a very different setting (like the Underdark did in BG2). That way the game would contain more varied content, which would attract players that aren't so much drawn to this new setting.
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