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  1. Just out of curiosity, did you enjoy Tyranny but are frustrated by dodgy DLC, or didn't you enjoy Tyranny at all? No i didn't like the game.It is half-assed and the writing was terrible and the combat was meh.As for paradox well they are not much of publisher all they do is have a few twitch/youtube videos and then splash the game on GoG and Steam.PoE sell good mainly because of the kickstarter and the hype around.I haven't seen paradox do anything connected to marketing.Most third party games that they publish sale badly.Also i think that their dlc policy is the worst amongst the publishers.They put very little work in their dlcs while their games have a lot of bugs introduced by their patches.Even "Horse armor "have more work put in it.That is coming from a guy that have like 2000 hours in EU4 alone.Also i didn't get on the bandwagon,i didn't like them for a long time but they are the only people that make such games.
  2. Well with EA you know what you get to be honest,they are shyte but obvious shyte oh and they are not that stupid to censor some steam reviews.Oh god i never imagined that there will be a day that i will defend EA,**** you paradox and all your milking practices.
  3. Honestly i hope they go away from PI,they are one of the worst publishers that i have seen.In some aspects it is worst than bethesda or ea.I am sure that more work went in horse armore dlc than in most paradox dlcs.
  4. Hay guys i am curious if the game is going to be published by PI?If so sadly i will not be getting it,their new prices policy and their heavy censorship both on their forums and steam reviews are pretty concerning for me and i have no intention of becoming a whale of a cow,i like myself as a Terran.I am huge Obsidian fan and have almost all of their games and have enjoyed all of them except tyranny.Tyranny with its 8euro-5mb dlc and the 4euro-portaits was/is huge let down for me.I do honestly hope that Obsidian try to go the self publishing path and succeed.
  5. Good writing,no hamfisted social politics and more non-combat skills and opportunities to use them.Would love a frequent lore checks that give you interesting information and stories.
  6. That's just outright false. Their DLC practices are the best in the industry. They were... It's gone downhill. They used to sell all sorts of little cosmetic stuff piece by piece for super cheap so you could pick and choose, and their big DLC packs were like 10-15 bucks. Now they charge 15-20 for packs not nearly as big or good, and bundle all the little stuff into 5-8 dollar packs. I'd argue that pricing and value of content can't be a deciding factor in whether a DLC policy is good or bad as every individual will have their own determination of whether the price is worth it or not. What makes Paradoc's DLC policy good is that none of it required to play, and it comes with free patches that add content as well as bug fixes for those that decide not to purchase the DLC. Well i have a few thousand hours in EU4 alone and i can tell you that all of their new dlc expansions are shyte.They constantly add a new mechanics that break the game and the rest of the mechanics,the ai is brain dead because of all the new mechanics,the new ford system is broken as hell just like the pathfinding and don't forget the new tech system where the most advanced country in the world is ottoman empire.While there is still some basic bugs that are not fixed for years and some are even breaking the contend of a former dlc.Go and try to play the Purple Phoenix DLC and that is just small example,after all we are not in EU4 forum. No on the topic.I don't think that Obsidian trying to go casual will end well for them in a long term.There is nothing wrong with streamlining the UI and the game but there is difference between streamlining and dumbing down.The Mass Effect went massive because they had really good roleplaying core (roleplaying is not maxing out a bunch of numbers).It will be good if Obsidian go self published but stay grounded.
  7. I don't like cooldown mechanics but there could be some mixing.Warriors skills could be on a cooldown,it doesn't make a lot of sense to have the need to rest so you could kick someone in the knee.
  8. Well it was your personal insults that brought forth my arrogant attitude.
  9. I can't imagine you reading a book then! But again, de gustibus non est disputandum. Parit enim conversatio contemptum; raritas conciliat admirationem.Depends on the book,if you are referring to comics then no i don't read [them].Maybe you don't read enough books and don't see the slopy sloppy writing? ... ^ Hahahahahaha nice respond,pointing out two mistakes made in a hurry by a guy that already said that he is not good at English and it is not his native language.So what can i say,the writing in Tyranny must be very bad if a person like me can spot the mistakes in it.
  10. It will be best if there is a bunch of side quest that written by different writers.Dyrford Ruins are my favourite story and dungeon in the game.
  11. I can't imagine you reading a book then! But again, de gustibus non est disputandum. Parit enim conversatio contemptum; raritas conciliat admirationem.Depends on the book,if you are referring to comics then no i don't read.Maybe you don't read enough books and don't see the slopy writing?
  12. Yup, most games these days are digital only and Obsidian does have a lot of contacts in the gaming media which is always good when trying to market a game. If your game doesn't get any coverage it will just drown in the dozens of other crpgs published on Steam and this is where Obsidian might help out smaller developers. Well kickstarter is a nice marketing strategy.To be honest crpg genre doesn't need a lot of marketing,it is pretty tight community and most people outside of it don't care.Once you play some good crpg you are either hooked or you don't care and won't buy any like it.I still replay my first rpg(Might and Magic VI) every year.
  13. The writing was terrible.English is not even my second language and found a lot of mistakes,there was a lot of long exposition type of text that was pointless.People don't talk in monologue for a few hundred words.There was a lot of mindless decisions that the character made and draw me out of the game and its world.Oh and there was the hamfisted political views,i am not from US and honestly don't care for any political views but here they ware just a bunch of idiotic expositions that just make me ask my self "What the **** just happened now?"
  14. Wait, what? Didn't CD Projekt start as a publisher and then become developer? So the other way round basically? On that note, I can't remember does Larian self-publish too? Nope CD Projekt red is a developer before a publisher,their first game was published by Atari if i am not mistaken.Larian are self published.I hope that Obsidian goes that way,Paradox have some ****ty DLC practices and are very lazy.
  15. O gods no,the writing in Tyranny was the worst in a Obsidian game by a long shot.It seems that i will go in alcoholic depression when PoE2 shows on the market.
  16. "the joinable companions should be the focus o' developing the story o' a crpg. the companions can grow, and player choices can change the ways in which they grow, but the motivations and personality o' the joinables is not so dynamic as to hinder quality writing. the essential qualities o' the companions (and major npcs such as the game's Ultimate Bad Guy) is known qualities that a writer can use as a foundation for story development. I would suggest that this can be detrimental to the narrative, if implemented wrong. While I agree that joinables need to have crisis points and visible growth, I think Dragon Age Inquisition proved how fixating on companions can lead to a weaker story. Inquisition has great companions, and bioware spent a load of time building their importance to the PC, and there are many great moments where you feel connected to the companions: Dorian's meeting with his father, when all your companions get drunk together in the tavern... however, the overall story of Inquisition is weak, and it lacks any of the great moments that really made Dragon Age Origins so wonderful. I may have written this already but: In Origins, I chose whether or not to father a child infused with the power of an old god, whether to defile the ashes of the messiah character (Andraste), whether I would free the tormented soul of some dwarf trapped in a golem body, and whether or not to have sex with a desire demon inside the mind of a possessed child. in Inquisition, I think there was pool that maybe I could corrupt? point is- it seems like all the thought went into creating this vivid companions, which resulted in a fairly bland fantasy plot, that relied on a recycled villain, and an antagonistic force that was essentially just the blight by a different name. while it's clear the companions need to function differently from POE, granting them more agency along the prime narrative, and also presenting your character with contrasting and affirming view points, it can't come at the expense of the story. At least, that's what I think Also, agree that Kreia was an excellent character, often overlooked I am surprised that you found interesting characters in DAI.I liked only two Cassandra and the elf fellow, the rest were forgettable at best,only ting that remember about them is that there was like 3 gays or something.Two dudes tried to sleep with me and some communist didn't wanted to sleep with me because she liked women.Btw i agree with you and love Kreia
  17. Both should be best.You can't write a good interactive character without giving him a good story and reason to become what he have become.That doesn't mean that he must give you his live story in a exposition type of a dialogue(unless he is that kind of personality or situation).A good thing will be if companion makes you guest what kind of live have lived trough his/her actions and opinions(You know like real people in real life).
  18. I hope that they take nothing from that ****ty game.It was the first Obsidian game that i hated and made me doubt their future games.That is why i will hold my breath on PoE2 and wait a little bit before buying.
  19. Well romance is pretty realistic thing and it will be a nice addition if it is made well not like the Bioware newer games (just a check list).People do fall in love if they spend a lot of time together doing things,especially when those things are dangerous.For goodness sake people fall in live in a accounting offices .
  20. Well the PoE is alive because it was a viewed as a reboot of the Baldur's gate games so it stands that the mechanics must be similar and that means that the optimal party should be 6.Tyranny have 4 player team and the game is terrible in my book, having only 4 people the strategic element was very limited most optimal builds ware the same more or less.I hope that PoE 2 is more class oriented than the first one.
  21. Arcanum is really fun game outside of the Half-Ogre quest and it will be fun to get a new game.By the way another good rpg that is crying for sequel is Vampire
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