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  1. Hmm, that would certainly be in character for Aloth, but it just seems to me that it comes up too early in the conversation. Takano hasn't really done anything offensive at the point where Aloth objects.
  2. Maybe this is something that I've misunderstood rather than an actual bug, but I don't get why Aloth seems so impatient with Takano in the The Cornett's Call quest. My party has never spoken to Takano before. We enter his home, and Takano welcomes us, then Aloth complains about the welcome. It's almost like there was supposed to be another interaction with Takano before this, but it's never happened in any of my games. Thoughts?
  3. This one is admittedly pretty nitpicky. Rum-Dumb Riggere has special dialogue if you are a ranger, mentioning that your animal urinates everywhere. This is fine in most cases but doesn't make much sense if you are a Ghost Heart.
  4. I got a "Missing String 5350" on my game today using the latest beta build. I believe the item is supposed to be White Ynefer. I am not using any mods, and I've attached a screenshot below.
  5. I noticed this as well. Clicking on the "Crafting" button takes you to the new Enchanting screen instead of to the Crafting screen. This is confusing. I had to use hotkeys to craft food & potions. I'd recommend changing the button behavior back and adding a second button to the inventory UI for Enchanting.
  6. In Hasongo, when questioning the soldiers about the amount of black powder stored there, the injured soldier's voiceover says "do not seem to recognize", but the text reads "to not seem to recognize", which doesn't make any sense.
  7. In the Burning Bridges tasks, when you first encounter Rinco, Eder makes a joke about how he has beat up a lot of people the same way. It seems that the Watcher gets a "Lighthearted" relationship bump for this, even though it was Eder who made the joke. For example, in my game, both Eder and Xoti show a positive reaction to the Watcher for this incident. Since Eder is the one who made the joke, I would expect Xoti to react positively to him, but she does not. It seems to me that this is coded incorrectly.
  8. It looks like Berath's Blessing is now giving skill bonuses to both Sleight of Hand *and* Insight for Rogues. It should give bonuses to Sleight of Hand only.
  9. I just checked, and yes it does trigger when editing notes in the notebook.
  10. I don't know if there are any plans for future patches for Pillars of Eternity, but if so, I'd like to report a bug that has hit me a couple times today. Description: When editing a chant name, using a letter that is mapped to the "Quickload" option causes that saved game to reload immediately. Preferably, the "Quickload" option would be disabled while editing chant names. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Make sure that the "Quickload" option is mapped to L on the keyboard. Go to the chant screen for a character (such as Kana) and edit a chant name to a word containing the letter L (e.g. "Battle Chant"). The last quicksave will immediately load. Thanks!
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