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  1. how come your only online for a few minutes

  2. yes accept don't *uck with laozi and stop fighting like a bunch of kids

  3. fighting about who has more post just ridicolus

  4. enought with thsi childish fighting

  5. well it sucked at the party glad to be back online

  6. i am not really 36 im 18 but i don't lie about drinking and drugs im going with my friend we are in a gang i have to go to a party

  7. but im busy all the time

  8. i still do in san antonio

  9. Laozi im so sorry forgive me

  10. what did you mean tale is lame

  11. why t he hell are you asking me these questions

  12. not anymore i moved a month ago

  13. oel droma your a stupid Mother*ucker

  14. let me spell it a diffrent way so they wont block itMuthaaPhukker

  15. what's important to her is me so you can go *uck yourself *other*ucker

  16. who me it ain't my fault she thinks your a little bitch

  17. read the comment at the bottom wait it 's gone

  18. i am no psycho i just get really angry sometimes

  19. no he just pissed me off

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