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  1. just as i thought 3 days in the hospital and you guys spam my comment box

  2. how bout son of bitch you like that insult cabron

  3. sorry omelette about the comment i posted but architect just pisses of everyone off i see everyone's pro and his comments are trash and everyone gets pissed

  4. we dont like i dont see them posting gay ass comments like you gay bitch you always view tale's accept's xard's pro and mine get the **** outta dodge

  5. omelette accept

    architect xard shut the **** Up!!!! bastards

  6. hey accept i dont drink alot well only like 10 beers on a saturday

  7. trombone's suck drums i use to play drums

  8. no if i drink on a week day i skip the next day but know only weekends and friday night i drink two weeks back to school and after school work time

  9. how dare you speak that way about crackdown!

  10. nope i told them a bunch of other stuff

  11. no i told them you kept stalking me

  12. we will see who gets the last laugh when a certain moderator gets online just be sure to check your inbox

  13. who views every members profile fills up my comment box views my profile every time he gets online

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