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  1. thats whats gonna happen

  2. go meet up with Laozi it will be a nightmare

  3. cut your crap its not funny

  4. sorry she caught me and know tonight i sleep alone

  5. Bow wow Yippie yo yippie yay doggy dogg in the motha*uckin house!

  6. and krrokie if he got a job hed be workng at mcdonalds for not going to colleage

  7. You are a bitch not a gangsta and do u live in kentucky

  8. are you and accept done fighting

  9. haha i finally agree with you krookie

  10. and i regret what i said about your loss

  11. o about killing a jedi how bout i kill you

  12. sorry about more dum comments but krookie and nigga4life just piss me off

  13. and no im not being nice everyone hates losing someone just trying to help

  14. the same yuusha said sorry for your loss

  15. well i agree about krookie's stupid jokes but nigga4life

    i suggest you stop spending your life in prison i don't kill or sell drugs only drink and take drugs

  16. the one in the blonde

  17. school sucks i go to alternative school since i got kicked out of mine for getting into to much fights

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