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  1. I don't see how it is a fiasco, they appear prominently in the game, first on Peragus, then on Onderon/Dxun, then on Citadel Station and The Ravager. As for them being the same to the ones that followed Malak, it was my understanding that Nihilus, Traya and Sion emerged after Malak's death and took control of the remnants of Revan's Sith Empire. Is it too far fetched to consider the possibility that the majority of those that served under Malak reorganised under Nihilus's war banner? (I'm pretty sure I saw a few in the Trayus Academy too) You could also say that the Sith Assasins that follow Sion are the elite forces that Atton served under.
  2. For female exile: Gala Nadiil, Gala being taken from 'Gala Brand' of Ian Fleming's Moonraker, which in turn is derived from Galataia and Nadiil being an adapted anagram of Leland, as at the time I started the file he mentioned pushing for the female exile.
  3. The only character I truly liked as dark sided was Handmaiden. Anyway, I trained all of them, usually as soon as possible. I keep Bao-Dur with me constantly until I get the influence required, Disciple is agiven and easy, as is Atton. Mira also is pretty simple, and I convert her quickly too. Generally speaking, by the time I leave Nar Shadaa I have Atton, Bao-Dur and Mira all as Jedi. Then I do the first part of Onderon, then return to Dantooine to get the Disciple.
  4. Makes sense, you see those kinds of troops again on Citadel Station and the Ravager.
  5. In all due respect, calling someone a moron over a difference of opinion is pathetic.
  6. Does the book tell you you can't choose the male gender while playing KOTOR II? No. All it says is in the context of all the Star Wars products, books, movies, comics etc the Jedi Exile is considered to be a woman. Get Over It.
  7. And explain what you intend to acheive by ranting about how you don't like it for however many pages this is going to last? The people behind official continuity have decided that in any time the character appears outside a KOTOR game she will be referred to as female. Deal with it, cause getting upset about it is just pathetic.
  8. Memory serves the articles about LucasArts cutbacks didn't mention who was working on it, just that the people who were had been given the axe.
  9. Complaint #1. Let's see how far this goes... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Buy and read Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love and try and tell me women (Rosa Klebb is the character I am thinking of) don't work as strategists/being cold. There is also real cases of women and strategy/heartlessness I am sure. Can't be bothered to look it up to be honest. I thought the story was far more interesting as female Exile. Sion was actually more interesting, Atris hardly was any different, Atton-Mical were a better pair of rivals (shame the fulfillment of it was cut) heeheehee... irony :D
  10. I think it is highly likely that the events of 'The Exile' and Revan in the outer rim would only be mentioned in dialogue or not mentioned at all. It is far too complex and nonsenical thread to follow, when there is practically hundreds of other options to take.
  11. The Atton-Mical rivalry was far more interesting than the Visas-Brianna rivalry. And Handmaidan, IMO was just a big whinger with an okay but rather unexciting backstory. As for Battle Precognition thingy mabob, I don't play the game for combat bonuses, don't know about you, but I don't.
  12. canderous said he recovered the helmet but how come his is silver and ultimate's is red <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe he just found the visor?
  13. You could always come up with some farfetched explanation like that they don't contain enough cortosis to short circut the lightsabers but enough to counter it.
  14. 540 times? Huh? At the most I ever use three save slots, only two of which I'll ever actually use. The other as a backup for a later point in the game.
  15. I think there is a different style of story in play between the two games. KOTOR was in a black and white nature with a pretty straight to the point storyline with very few twists. A lot like the films. KOTOR II was darker, subtle, complicated and rounded with plot twists and depth, a lot like some of the good EU (IMO)
  16. I don't know, I like it how it is to be honest. One thing I would like is being able to have more party members out at any one time.
  17. Agreed, and the fact that your importance as Revan in the first game relies mainly on what you have done in the past, and a lot more of that, and more to the point depth as to why you did them is fleshed out in KOTOR II.
  18. I like KOTOR II better because the story was more personal. The plot of KOTOR more than anything was saving the Galaxy from an ancient evil, KOTOR II it was more personal in the sense that you were correcting what you did wrong, solving a mystery about your past and at the same time saving the galaxy from a far more subtle, but even more dangerous threat than in KOTOR I.
  19. Handmaiden is plain. Plain and flat. Visas has a lustrous hour glass figure of alabaster skin and a deep, sensual mouth. Visas is more classical where as Handmaiden is more Kate Moss. If they were flesh I'd prefer Visas.
  20. My understanding is Mira being on Malachor is remnants of cut content, which is not Obsidians fault by the way, they were pressured by Lucasarts for an early release. Originally Visas and Mandalore were to fight through together, as I assume other characters were, that led up to their confrontation to Traya and then imprisonment by Sion. At least something along those lines, I'm not an expert on the cut content.
  21. If Revan and the Exile appear they should be permanently masked, wearing preset robes and gender and allignment being based on an early dialogue option. To be honest I'd rather just hear them mentioned and their fates mentioned via story than them appearing. I'm not fussed if Bastila or other characters tag along, but I'd rather seem them appear somewhat prominently without being party members. Maybe some collaboration with Dark Horse could have characters who are set to live through their comics appear, that would be kind of cool. Anyway, I'm not that fussed. I think Exile and Revan appearing in the flesh would be a bad idea though.
  22. There would also probably be quite a few people who would be alienated by it's multiplayer and thus not buy it. Me being one. KOTOR should just stay as a single player RPG. It seems that a lot of developers feel that everything has to be online these days.
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