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  1. The quest does mention ‘sailors coming near Abet from the Deadfire Archipelago’ which may mean they are separate places. We also don’t see all the archipelago in the game do we?
  2. Everyone’s read and understands the op. It’s just a matter of opinion, either you like it or you don’t. It’s not bad design to do it this way.
  3. So I’ve been thinking about my views on this subject and will just leave the topic to rest. I concede that Edèr just being attracted to Iselmyr could be considered creepy (though in a more odd and hard to understand way than messed up) Whilst I was never in disagreement about this, I will state again that a relationship between anyone and an awakened personality has the potential to come across very creepily (in a messed up way). However I will maintain that as the relationship is over before any serious discussions about whether their relationship is morally okay or not can occur, we don’t know what Edér thinks, making judging him over it seem unfair. He might consider it a big enough deal to take Aloth’s feelings into question and stop the relationship. He might not. As it’s an assumption either way, I don’t think it can be used to argue that Edér’s a massive creep. What I will say about myself is that I may be too focused on the writer’s intent as that scene was clearly not meant to be seen in the creepy way some people have interpreted it so I may be lighter on it as a result.
  4. Problem is, Aloth is still there and even aware of what's going on, if I'm not mistaken. It is Aloth's body in the first place, and he is supposed to have a say about who gets to kiss him, you know. So perhaps Eder should learn to control his impulses. Whether or not we should use the same approach for anyone's relationship with Aloth is an interesting question though. I'd say it is still a different matter because it's Aloth's life and Aloth's body, Iselmyr is an unwelcome passenger there even if she didn't choose to Awaken. And judging from how she repeatedly tried to push Aloth toward getting physical with other people (she admits it after the conversation with his former classmate), she doesn't seem to mind it anyway. But it still is somewhat awkward to me. I think I had the first couple of conversations trigger in my game, but I can't say if it goes any further, because I separated Eder and Aloth just in case. Yeah Aloth’s reaction to Edér’s kiss is really weird in that he seems to have no idea what’s going on yet in other occasions seems to be perfectly aware of what Iselmyr does when she takes control. If in some alternate world Iselmyr had not playing a cruel prank on Edér and Aloth and did reciprocate Edér’s feelings causing a relationship to start, that relationship would likely be full of areas where the writers did not think through how creepy it was. What we have in game is Edér doing something stupid without thinking it through. Bad sure, but not the same as Edér being definitely willing to sexually assault Aloth.
  5. On impulse, and the creepiness is subjective considering that he is trying to kiss Iselmyr who is in Aloth’s body at the time. We don’t have anything exactly the same in the real world so whilst seeing it as creepy is valid, it’s by no means the only way it could be seen. Arguably the same concerns apply to any relationship with Aloth? Now if Edér had put some serious thought into the morality and potential implications of a relationship with Iselmyr and decided to go through with and regularly kissed or went further to Iselmyr, their would be some seriously creepy subtext to their relationship. We don’t know if he would. He kisses someone who he likes (who is revealed to have been deliberately trying to foster these feelings in him) on impulse without thinking it through. Also the ‘is this even in the game’ question which I don’t believe has been answered is still relevant if we want this to be used in discussions about his character.
  6. Why is it creepy to him to like her? An actual relationship between the two would be creepy and unfair to Aloth, but in the files all we get is him liking her. She is a person after all.All the points against it would make sense if it was an actual relationship. But it isn’t, it’s a spur of the moment thing. Edér’s character is being judged for something we don’ t know if he’d actually do. I don't agree that she's a person. Personhood= a body and soul integrated. For her to come forward, Aloth's consciousness is overridden. It's the kind of crush someone would have if they weren't so good at actual human relationships. She still has a personality, which is something one could be attracted to and your second point is highly subjective. Basically my point is that Edér properly considering a relationship with Iselmyr and still entering it would (probably) be quite creepy. The relationship ends before it begins and Edér can consider if it’s imoral, we don’t know what Edér woulf have done if Iselmyr hadn’t been leading him on and so I don’t see how he can be judged for it.
  7. Eder makes a move on Aloth's body because he's got some strange fascination with his skin rider. It's extremely creepy. I'm glad I unburdened Aloth of both the Leaden Key and his split personality, for both his and Eder's sake. Why is it creepy to him to like her? An actual relationship between the two would be creepy and unfair to Aloth, but in the files all we get is him liking her. She is a person after all. All the points against it would make sense if it was an actual relationship. But it isn’t, it’s a spur of the moment thing. Edér’s character is being judged for something we don’ t know if he’d actually do.
  8. I really don’t see what’s so creepy with the Edér/Islemyr relationship as presented in game. It’s basically a spur of the moment thing for Edér and Iselmyr reveals it’s all a prank before any serious discussion over whether it’s morally acceptable or not can happen.
  9. That’s interesting, because the impression I got was that unlike in Dragon Age, for example where rogues and warriors cannot use magic and thus their moves are just abstractions, in Pillars the idea was those moves were literally happening, being accomplished by the use of magic. I don’t know, I may be wrong.
  10. The Huana guy would likely see it as a benevolent act. You are helping his tribe.
  11. @Abel What I meant by me getting off topic is that it wouldn't be too hard to justify strength being useful in spellcasting in some way. It would be more difficult (but not impossible) to justify having the strength of one's soul linked to one's physical strength. Though as a vaguely related aside Pillars does have too many things connected to 'having a strong soul'.
  12. @ Abel (not quoting due to length of reply and laziness on my part) If high strength would allow you to just have better control magic rather rather than being needed to cast spells altogether then low strength mages could still exist, especially if the effectiveness of spells could be increased in other ways. You could see it in the same way as the more traditional set up not allowing strong but dumb spellcasters to exist. This is getting a bit off topic though.
  13. Personally I think they should have just linked the two types of strength better lore wise. Like it takes physical strength to better control the forces of magic or something. It would have made Might feel a little less gamey. You don't have to think too hard to justify it, but it would be better if you didn't have to.
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