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  1. Well a relatively smooth way to do it could have been: Allocate a level to each card. ( desk number from 0 to 7 ? ) Check highest peeps, match to the previous number let's call it the random scenario number. Run Pick a mix of 50pc location from that run numbers ( at least 2) and 50pc below Populate locations from a bell curve centered on rsn with a volatility of 1 If u want some consistency. ( goblin with gob location and bosses ) create a graph to of relationship. From loc to vilain and from vilain to bane. Like 1 time out of 2 follow the graph, the rest pure random That should work
  2. Well, having played the story mode to death, the quest mode was more than welcome and it's random aspect interesting to test builds. Ether you jump to S&S transposition quickly ( that would be great ) or you need an idea to get this app running ( branching level 7 type of scenario ). I did suggested a list of scenarios were loot is limited ( think ad&d old crashed flying saucer scenario where most of the drop like phaser could only run close to reactor, or underwater Cthulhu Mythos with relics only active till the old one are not destroyed. )
  3. Assume that I found 5 iterations of a new boost found in treasury chests. I have currently 3 party running, they own all together 3 iterations of this given boost in various desks. Can I salvage more than 2 ( I shouldn't ) Would the game let me do that? If so what's happen the next time I continue of the previous party? It will be replaced by a default basic card? Or get regenerated by magic? I fell like salavging some cards to reduce the proportion of new cards in the location decks, but don't want to kill my existing player decks Thanks again for your great implementation,
  4. Still would be very nice to have the 3 others big boxes having the same treatment', would pay serious €€ for that. Regarding the pc version, I find tablets much better for card game and peeps can already play using an android emulator, the only reason I would buy it would be a VR version similar to the ascension one which is really cool.
  5. Got a couple of LOOT doubling up through a glitch, for exemple I have now 2 staf of enervation which shouldn't happen and it is sort of OP.
  6. When I use the wand from player A to B ( 4 +d4 ) on top of the bonus it gives a random card from player A to B. Also a glitch happened and now I have 2 wands which is funny and a bit OP for a loot item
  7. Card are memory less so yes it rerolls on the paper game
  8. After level 5 it sometimes cannot be triggered ( have it maxed ) Also the staff of hungry shadow doesn't t trigger Looks like it has lost its spell tag
  9. Ogre should reroll each time you encounter them. As of now if they rolled 4 ( go to end ) and you fail to close after killing the henchman you cannot close the place. This is a game breaker in the death zone scenario
  10. Was also wondering. Maybe you should update the change log. Thx for that.
  11. Heaving the same problem, may be a show stopper has it seriously OP the characters
  12. First thanks for that and happy Christmas. You implementation of this game is getting better with each release. I see the idea of going to a 7th level, but the paper game has been tried and tested for years with an amazing balancing act, this won't be the case of this extension so I am bit wary about that. Plz negotiate the licence of the other 3 big boxes and restart the pirate story with the same GUI, that would be much better for me. I am a big fan and bought a fair amount of gold to support the development, but I must say the pricing of the alt characters is really on the high side and could be reviewed down. (You can get a full AAA game of the year on a PS4 for 59$ or 2 on steam sales) Again, happy that you made it to the end.
  13. Would disagree; for me the card game is superior because of the physical handling of cards dices and stuff. And also because you can implement your own house rules; The apps is great though; eagerly waiting for AD4; AD5 and AD6 like everyone
  14. thanks for that, would be nice to have player dice indeed, but the current change of colour is nice. dont see the mark solved button , would click it if i did etimme
  15. Hello, cool dices is a good idea Not sure how they work though, I see I own 2 sets but don't understand how to affect them Would be great to be able to attach them to player. Green for the Druid, burning red for the spell caster and so on. It would allow to 'differentiate' dices like when the bard or the warrior or the ranger assist its own colored dice would be added to the dices of the current player that woul have their own set. ( this is the way I play with the physical game and it is cool) I am reading that color are attached to party and not player so I realize this is probably not the case today. Etienne
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