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  1. 1st off, great stuff all good points. I agree about 'basement' damage, 1 of my character's has been using a magical scythe for the longest time and seem to always nudge out the competition. In terms of 'bonus damage when you roll X', I always prefer that X=the lowest numbers rather than the highest numbers for the exact reasons you discussed. Weirdly enough, my scythe fits into both categories discussed here. It's great because about have multiple dice, but that bonus +1 when i roll a 4 would have been a lot more valuable if it wall on a roll of 1. I remember an early weapon called 'dogslicer' or something that modified 1's into 3's, needless to say, that was a really beneficial ability. The only problem about these abilities is that they make calculating the average damage of a roll slightly more complicated and annoying. I also agree about the riskiness of poison damage, seems too often my poison weapon had a lock on it 50% of the time. Good point about characters who recycle weapons, that also is a factor that should be on the list. My current party has great spell recycle right now, but not as good weapon recycle. Although my barbarian holds enough weapons (with little investment in weapon card feats) that I rarely mind just discarding for full damage as I hate getting stuck with too many weapons in my hand. I remember calculating similar weapon choices when I used to play d&d 3.5, but, honestly, its a lot more complicated calculating it in this game because of all the factors such as, discard, reveal, recharge. Also the cost of a weapon was a lot more accurate of a weapon's value in d&d than the difficulty modifiers in pathfinder card game. Maybe after we get enough input from a lot of users, I can streamline these tips/tricks into a guide for beginners or other players looking it up. And feel free to add your 'nerdy' input---we are waaay beyond that threshold here: we are using a mathematical approach to discussing fantasy weapons in a video game based on a solo playing board game, which is based on, arguably, the most famous nerd game (d&d/pathfinder). Don't worry we can chug beers, watch football and talk about women after we get through this to balance the scales
  2. Ok, so this is always a big struggle for me after the game: deciding which weapon cards to keep on my heroes. There is a lot that goes into my choices, but I'm looking here for anybody that has a couple tips on how they choose or fast methods of choosing. These are the factors I examine when deciding which weapon boon to keep on my hero: 1. Average Amount of reveal damage: Obviously this is the most important one as the primary purpose of the weapon is to do a lot of damage. So I take the lowest possible roll then add the highest possible roll then devide by two. I.e., shortsword +1: 1d6+1, 2+7=9, then 9/2=4.5. 2. I then calculate the discard average using the same method as #1. Reveal damage has an edge on discard damage because it alows you to keep the card, but this value diminishes if you have a character that draws weapons often, as discarding them isen't as big a deal. 3. I then look at damage subtype and energy damage. Eventually I make sure my character has a nice balance between his weapons. For example, fire damage and magic damage eventually become 'a must' at least somewhere amount his equipment. I also tend to have at least 1 bludgeoning weapon too, ect... 4. What weapon has a higher difficulty check to acquire? Usually this is the fastest and easiest way to calculate early in the game, but doesn't always work as the game goes on. 5. How many hands does the weapon require? This is likely the least important, as two-handed weapon rarely become a problem because shields (like armor) are weakest category of items (dissapointly so). The number of hands the weapon uses also skews the difficulty check making 1 handed weapon with lower damage have higher difficulty checks than two-handed weapons that do more damage. 6. Finally, I look at the extra-special abilities, then factor that in. I.e., whenever you kill a monster with this item, you can recharge a card. There are a couple other things I can talk about my choices, but I think this is a good start. I'm very interested in anybody that has a fast method or a good online resource for their methodology, but I'd love to hear from anyone willing to share theirs. Cheers!
  3. Yeah, I kind of have the same question as the OP. At the moment, it seems barely worth it to do so for the generic 15 gold....although I dont really have more than a couple duplicates, so maybe some other cards offer More salvage gold.
  4. So yeah, it's deffinitly a glitch because I removed one of the party members who has it from my team for 1 adventure. Then when I put the two characters with the book back on a team all of a sudden one of them disapears when I click to look at my character's decks. But usually when you are a card short, you can't exit the card screen until everyone has all their card slots filled (it usually offers you the list of generic items to fill the slot), but in this case I was able to hit the red back arrow. I then pulled the 2nd character with the holy text of my team and then looked at his cards---and there it was, it reappeared again in his items and I was no longer short an item. so it seem now that have two holy texts, just as long as they are not on the same team. I bet if I never separated the two characters, I would have been able to continue to play with both of them on the same team as I had done for a few missions/adventures. Oh well, not a big deal either way---I was more curious if this was a glitch or not, more than anything---so I guess that mystery is solved. Thanks for the reply, buddy. Cheers!
  5. So, I'm a bit confused about treasure cards, if someone can please help me out. So I own only 1 'holy text' treasure card in my card gallery , but 2 of my characters have found the 'holy text' in-game and both had it at the same time in the same adventuring party. How is that possible? I thought if I had 1, then I couldn't get another. Thank you!
  6. As my topic says---I received 'brown dice' from the chests....actually I received 'brown dice' from two chests, but niether time have they shown up in my collection....Not that these brown dice are the biggest deal to be missing, but it makes me wonder how often item purchased through chests fail to apear in your collection. You see, I'm a newer player, so it was actually easy for me to spot those two missing right away (as I'm not too familiar with the chest cards yet), but since I only have 1-2 color dice, I could clearly see the two brown ones missing (side note: same thing twice? Can I sell the 2nd set for gold?). In the end of the day, I would have rather had two new cards, but I'd rather get one of the things promised by the chest. Thank you!
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