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  1. Will check it out, thanks for the link!
  2. My current watcher is female orlan being known as Aurelia. Hailing out of Deadfire Archipelago, she has been headstrong and mean since her early days, which allowed her to escape slave's fate and instead she went for a profession not usually connected with women, yet alone orlan, pirate. By her own wit, charm and determination to equalize her racial physical weaknesses, she became respected and feared pillager. However as it often happens with the ones leading criminal lifes, her luck wouldn't last forever. Being a part of the crew of feared "Seahunter" vessel, under the command of Captain
  3. Why would that even be a flaw? I'd rather have enough of the game left to properly enjoy my unpareled power by the tine I reach the level cap, and the only reason one should have to complete sidequests is because it is fun or fits the character you are roleplaying. The idea that getting rewards for playing the game is more important than the gameplay itself being rewarding turns games into endless grinding, while if the gameplay itself is fun it should be its own reward. I honestly wouldn't mind if a completionist playthrough would allow you to get level 16, perhaps 17 and no higher
  4. Expansion is pretty solid, albeit short. I personally liked new companions, Monk is a great comic relief plenty of times, and Maneha's voice actress, well I fell in love Aside from finally some musical variety and generally much more developed locations than in vanilla, it felt much more roleplay-like, more options that referred to your race, background and so on. The only striking flaw I can come up with, besides it being short is that level cap increase wasn't particularly striking, you can still reach it easily before finishing the game, which makes completing side-quests way less
  5. In my case, Durance is the guy who gets all the beating. Looks kinda sad though when my fighters are engaged in a combat with oozes, Durance gets in their vision range to drop a buff or heal and is instantly covered by acidic vomit that takes A LOT of his health(for the flavour reasons, I never changed his robe, 3 DR makes him squisher than a bug)
  6. I'd also love more battle themes, including actual badass "final boss theme". I really enjoyed Durgan's Battery fight music, and White March soundtrack overall and going back to these original 2(I believe?) battle themes was just kinda disappointing.
  7. As TheisEjsing said earlier on, you will want to get acquainted with pause button as soon as possible, to make sure noone stands idly or do a stuff you don't want during fighting. You might also want to take a look at red/green lines connecting your characters to opponents during fights. These mean that both parties are currently engaged in a fight and if one breaks it(by simply refusing to fight and clicking move somewhere else), the offender gets a free, quite hard-hitting hit known as disengagement. The only solution to break engagement is to naturally either way kill your target or apply s
  8. I really really hope that not picked trash loot will disappear after some time lying on the ground instead of having bodies disappear and leaving gleaming bags forever that either way force you to pick them up and ruin your roleplay experience by having 50 of them carried by you then sold to a merchant(aside from how would you transport them, why would anyone buy dozens of xaurip spears, like seriously, what for?)or you can just leave it and have it lie there forever with it's stupid glow(if at least corpses didn't disappear and the glow would be removed, that would be alright, but no, of cour
  9. 1. Yes, 3.03 is the newest. 2. Honestly the best way would be just navigating these forums, character builds(fourth) subforums especially. 3. Depends what do we mean by "strongest". I have heard plenty of statements that Paladin makes for the best tank, Cipher is still very strong despite the nerfs and generally learning how to use Priest properly makes any class look shallow in my opinion. 4. Yes, there is an option in taverns to reskill. 5. There are cheats you can put in console(~ by default), although they disable gainings of Steam achievements and are generally unnecessary
  10. Out of bugs mentioned here I was luckily able to avoid most of them, although the utter OPness of Confident Aim managed to haunt me also
  11. Since I have started this game I have grown to love it, I like the story and the world, although I think I will have to abandon my 30 hour playthrough(so far) as once I have learnt how to use Durance properly, tuning up difficulty to Hard from Normal(which I felt was ok during first 3-4 levels) wasn't enough, im literally swooping through everything with my level 8 party, even the bounties, although the fights were quite lengthy, I didn't really feel any of my chars were endangered at any point. Much as I enjoy story which I mentioned, lack of any opposition during fights is kinda disappointin
  12. Fantastic portraits overall in this thread, makes me sad I don't have that much of a talent to draw like that, these Orlan portaits especially are damn good. Does anyone have proper Coastal Aumaua female barbarian portrait? Felt like starting another playthrough and this time I wanted to play a big badass girl Now I am all fine for chain bikinis or a clothing that ain't full plate mail(in fact, can't really imagine barbarian wearing anything else than some fur rags or in worst case some leather armor) or generally likable face, but she needs to have that extra muscle Been looking
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