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  1. I think they're all good, since you can actually have different experiences with each unlike many games with a class system. If I had to pick a favorite though, it'd be Jedi Master/Sith Lord, since I love playing a "force powers" character.
  2. It took me more than one play through, but I really enjoyed the story. I didn't think it was as good as KotOR 1, but still very enjoyable, better than most everything else. I think the biggest problem I had with not liking it the first time I played through was that it was very easy to miss large chunks of the story. I guess some would say it wasn't spoon fed, but whatever. I finished the first game without even knowing I could train Jedi, or really getting to know my party members besides Kreia thanks to the influence system (which I ended up liking, I just didnt know how to use it at fir
  3. Sion. I think Nihilus looks much cooler, but he was basically a throw away character. Very little development, and he did very little in terms of the story. Sion was a more interesting character, and was more of a "big villian" than Nihilus was.
  4. G0T0's my real "most hated", but he isn't there, so I picked Bao Dur. Just something about the way he talked made me dislike him.
  5. I didn't like G0T0. Pretty much useless, and a very boring character to boot.
  6. That really doesn't make it a "bargain", but ok. That'd be like saying "The japanese clearly think the 360 is a bargain, since they bought all 100,000 units of the Blue Dragon bundle as soon as it was made available" (source). It doesn't have any real relevance to whether or not something is a bargain. At best, all it really proves is that the Japanese gamers want to play PS3, Wii, and yes, even the 360 when games are developed for it that appeal to them.
  7. I hear Sony talking about potential all the time, but it really just isn't there, it's a sham, like everything else Sony has talked about and hyped up for their consoles. The Playstation 2 had the largest library of games because it had the largest userbase and was out for a longer period of time than the other consoles, not because of any "connections with 3rd party publishers". The playstation 3 doesn't have that, the "potential" isn't there for a larger game library any moreso than it is with any of the other consoles. And no, blu-ray is absolutely not needed by most developers. Go look
  8. I really don't know how people can say this "PS3 is a bargain" stuff and still take themselves seriously. When I look at the PS3, I see a more expensive version of my 360 with an inferior controller and $200 tacked onto the price for a next-gen storage format that my games don't need and my TV can't use. I see a much smaller game library, with the only exclusives being games I have absolutely zero interest in. But this is somehow a bargain because it forces me to pay for things I don't need (Blu-ray, wifi, etc) while the 360 lets me save money by making those things optional. I just don't
  9. After Gears of War turned out to be a 15 minute game, I tried going back to Oblivion for a few days, but got sort of bored with that, so I'm replaying Jade Empire again, taking my time and stuff. Bioware did a really good job with this game.
  10. Depends on what platform you're buying them on. I tried playing Chaos Theory on the PC, and the controls were just awful, not very well suited for tat type of game at all. I've played them all on consoles as well though, and they're enjoyable games, the first two can be a bit frustrating though due to the "3 alarms and mission is over" gameplay mechanic, which they removed for the last two. If you decide to get into them, I'd start with Chaos Theory. Double Agent is pretty good, but it's pretty buggy, to the point that it makes it a chore to try and play.
  11. Complete a design document (you can find help with this on google, like anything else), practice writing, play lots of games and get a very clear idea of what you do and do not like and what you think does and does not work in various types of games, etc. Just keep in mind that you won't be head of the team right out of college, no matter how early you start. If you want to make games, make sure you're ok with making someone else's game before you get to make your own.
  12. I have no problem with people not liking Halo, but....Killzone?
  13. A lot of the people that love the Dreamcast now are the same people that treated it and it's incredible library of games like the ugly stepchild of gaming in favor of the at the time all hype PS2. Electronic Gaming Monthly is especially guilty of this, they mention Dreamcast as a classic now, but they gave it nothing but crap when it was still alive. If Dreamcast had been a success and remained a viable platform for the 6 or 7 years Sega wanted, we probably wouldn't care that much about it.
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