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  1. There is a video on youtube of a guy blasting upscaled Magran Faithfull with a priest, so I guess wizards can probably do that fight the "manly way" as well. I am gonna give wiz a try and see how they fare early.
  2. OhCiphers and wiz's are a lot of fun.^^ I watched your short wiz playthrough and it starts really rough. I guess later on it should rock with so many spells. There aren't many info around about solo casters as well
  3. I was pretty much set pn going for a lash monk next on my future playhtrough but this discussion has been really making me wish to create a barbarian. Casters seem boring to me in this game, I guess it is because of limited resources. Jojobobo makes it sound like barb early game (which is usually a pita when soloing) is awesome/fast.
  4. That was insane, and broken as hell hahaha. I think you can manage to get this combo or something close to it on most of the difficult fights. Monks should be able to do something very similar with torment's reach and cw, shouldn't they?
  5. You say "you run out of good spells after 1-2 battles and i hate to rest a lot", but isn't that the case during the first levels where you have to rest after 3-4 fights? I have never played wizard before because I hated Aloth on my first playthrough and played solo after that, so I am asking this based on my priest experience.
  6. Being honest? No,it is not needed but it is always cool to walk around feeling like a boss (afterall you used a kraken eye to enchant that weapon!) I started chapter 3 at lvl 16 on my solo playthrough, so it is definitely not needed.
  7. I usually end up using on little savior/drawn in spring often. It is a shame by the time you can use the enchantment there is only Thaos left. The tank armor is by far the hardest choice for me, but He Carries Many Scars seem to be the best.
  8. Random question, but it always bothers me: which item do you usually use the legendary enchant on?
  9. I guess I am too close minded when it comes to most tough fights. For me you either tank it long enough or don't get hit at all. That is why this discussion have been so interesting, afterall your barbarians seem to have a deathwish and it works!
  10. Since I know you record videos often, do you mind recording this fight? It always seemed impossible for me unless you want to spend 30 min running around with Persistance. Not doubting you or anything, I just want to use it to learn to beat this fight faster/less cowardly.
  11. When you guys say resting wastes time, you are talking about in game time (like day of the month and so on) right? Why is it a bad thing? Maybe I am missing something really basic, but unless some rp thing, time means nothing, right? I have slept over 15times in a row inside raedric's keep to get to the correct day for the mechanics gloves.
  12. Surviving using a bow on a solo chanter should be really challenging I think. Unless splitting every single encounter the summon should get swarmed and killed really fast (faster than you could resummon maybe?). Keep in mind though I am saying this using the figurines as comparison from my current solo playthrough and I can be really wrong. I would like to hear your experiences on the subject, because for me the summoned creature by the figurines are always melted if focused but maybe the ogres can have a better lifespan.
  13. Latelly I've been reading a ton of info about builds especially those focused on soloing and since you dedicated a small paragraph about it I would like to ask for your input on a couple of things: - How do you think the build will fare on early levels without gear nor the main skills? - Do you think this can somehow tank dragons due to high dr/regen? The build looks so fun, but my current experience on solo PotD makes me wonder how difficult staying alive early should be. I want to plan my next solo playthrough asap because I am getting close to the end on this one (paladin). Anyhow, thanks for another awesome build.
  14. Probably horrifically. I think that's a large problem with Obsidian, they patch out bugs without looking at the knock-on effects. And while maybe they're maybe hoping that these interactions are caught in the beta (whether they would patch them if reported is debatable), if the player base can anticipate interactions better than the developers then that's not great. I think the Monkster Lasher build is a great example of this, they made Retaliation (and that means all variants) now roll for accuracy but I really think they didn't anticipate the Monk's lashes also being applied to all Retaliation effects. Personally I've been thinking about other Retaliation builds, but then I come to it I consider, "Wouldn't the Monkster Lasher be doing a dramatically better job?" The answer is yes, yes it would - I think the game would benefit from reverting to the old Retaliation mechanics on the Fire Godlike trait but keep the other Retaliation mechanics for the rest, but by that point you've made the mechanics too nonsensical and obtuse for gamers' to grasp so it doesn't work. It's almost like the original v1.0 bug, where they didn't realise Retaliate would be affected by Carnage also, and then Fire Godlike Barbarian builds were monstering through the entire game - and that was okay for v1.0, but now I think we should have moved beyond that. Plus the fact that, I think these interactions definitely divide the fans - as you'll have some saying these are bugged and exploitative features and others that say they're in the game so yeah so what? A game where the mechanics are such that we can all comfortably read from the same page is definitely a better one, where there aren't any terribly exploitative avenues. This isn't to disparage against intelligently thinking of those combinations of newly patched mechanics either, just that maybe the devs should have thought of them first - and whether or not they wanted them in the game, and also whether it's best to continually change the goal posts on these issues. While I get there's a lot more balls in the air with games with complex defense systems and interactions, it's still not as fun when interactions between different effects aren't being thought upon as much as the player base. It's not lazy per se as there is so much to consider, but when certain builds stand head and shoulders above others (Monkster Lasher for example, or "enemies take 100+ damage per Retaliation hit") it becomes a bit silly. Players obviously need defined boundaries to play within, if those boundaries become haphazardly set then how players interact with those boundaries becomes worse. So what I'm saying is, I think the combo of Combusting Wounds and HoF will be a neutron bomb towards any mob you want to attack. In fact, I'm 95% sure without even bothering to test it this will be another overpowered features that, now the devs have patched themselves into a corner ("We apply one patch and there's problems with interactions, we apply another to fix that stuff and there's still new problems with interactions - when will these people be happy?!"), it'll probably just remain in game and be ridiculously strong. With some of these builds, it becomes a fact of - "Do I play this god build or one that is knowingly weaker?" As someone who has always enjoyed designing "optimum" builds for various games (as many hardcore RPG players do) it's a difficult choice to reconcile, especially when some of these issue are springing from a lack of foresight. Maybe this is a stupid question, but how many Combusting Wounds can you use per rest (I believe it is 3)? Maybe as a nova round it would be ok if everything work as you said.
  15. I learned soooooo much from your solo paladin playthrough. I think I wouldn't even bother to start a solo game if I hadn't find those videos. Should do something similar to other classes! Thank you I really want to continue my wiz and do an ultimate chanter run. maybe I'll find the time soon. This would be nice since there are almost zero chanter solo material around.
  16. I learned soooooo much from your solo paladin playthrough. I think I wouldn't even bother to start a solo game if I hadn't find those videos. Should do something similar to other classes!
  17. I am pretty confident the Alpine can be soloed by everyone because you can always abuse the confusion scroll, but on the other hand I really don't see how Llengrath or even Adra can be soloed by classes that can't reach high defenses. Maybe there are other ways to kill them that I don't know and I'd love to hear about. Only classes (wizard, priest and paladin) I've seen soloing those could reach very high defense numbers one way or another.
  18. I have just recently started soloing and have been really enjoying the challenge. Since I am playing a paladin, most fights are about not getting hit for long enough so you can slowly kill everything. I have seen some nice priest and wizard videos soloing the most difficult fights, so my question is: can classes like ranger, rogue (the less tankier ones) solo things like Llengrath or the radiant spore? I am already planning my next playthrough and I would like something different than the gameplay of a paladin but unfortuanatelly there isn't much info on the internet for other less common solo classes.
  19. This discussion is rather interisting since I am currently doing my first ever solo potd playthrough with a paladin and even though I am hard as a rock, killing things take 10min... Only lvl 6 so far, but anything with big health pool like trolls take around 5 min with 21 perception (65 acc), maybe barbs would be faster or less boring. Does rushing for the retaliation shield speed things up?
  20. Thanks for the reply. I've changed my mind for the 2nd (or 3rd?) and I'm going to go all custom characters. I know people here have been trying to encourage me to play with the official companions and I can appreciate that I'll miss out on the banter but... I hate feeling like I made a mistake with my builds. Having the option of doing a respec at any time is insurance I want. I'm sure if I understood all the classes as well as you guys do I'd feel otherwise. I don't have the experience of multiple play thru's either so I don't know the optimal time to go grab this or that companion. Waiting till lvl 8 to get one of my party would bug me too. It might sound silly of me to do so but I'll probably end up setting my custom characters to mimic the official ones in terms of stats. I just want the ability to reset my abilities/talents if something doesn't work the way I thought it does. Still intend to do as many of the companion quests as I can. I mean I'll have 1-2 free spots in my party. It also gives me the freedom to experiment with your rogue build. @baldurs_gate_2 - Well, I had planned on using a build that doesn't necessarily account for dialogue checks. I was honestly trying to use KDubya's party makeup as close as possible as it was tested in PotD and I had been considering using some of the same builds already. I don't really have the time for multiple play thru's right now and previously played through the majority of the main game. So I'll just learn as I go. That said I imagine the devotion buff for pally is probably worth something so I may still stick with pally MC. Just not going to max res unless it's helpful for the build overall. You know you can respec companions, right? Just the attributes you can't change
  21. Reading through this topic I realized it is probably possible to make a competent offtank barb with stun/prone weapon and shield. Does it work well or with the new one hand style, it is simple better to skip the shield? Right now at lvl11 and beggining of act3, I have around 110 acc and 30% hit to crit chance (hearth orlan + durgan). Is there a way to improve the hit > crit % besides the priest buff, predatory weapons and the paladin aura?
  22. Barbs seems the way to go specially because we can abuse weapon procs. I guess I would need very high dex/per to abuse them right?
  23. Highjacking the thread a bit: what is a good low micro dual wield class/build? I always end up playing shield + something on my melees and I kinda wish to try something different on Potd, but I fear any melee without a shield will get insta gibbed... Barbs with Unlabored blade sounds cool, but that is a lvl12ish weapon, so pretty late game.
  24. At what level you usually do the first round of bounties? I chrcked and the mobs are level 10. Also I have a couple more questions: 1- Do coordinated attacks from 2 different paladins stack? 2- Right now I feel my party is too tanky and don't do enough damage if my dps die (those damn shades) and I usually don't have enough damage to finish the fights. I have mc and Pallegina full tank, Kana tank, Griving Mother with blunderbuss, support Durance and Sagani with mostly pet talents (following the stormcaller guide). I am contemplating removing Pallegina for some more dps (something frontline), so what can be a good addition for this party to fill the lack of damage? Aloth is not an option, sacrificed that annoying bastard. 3- I am considering going to WM to grab Stormcaller so I can do more damage, lvl 8 is ok for Stalwart?
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