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  1. I have some questions: 1- Since you have to get hit, won't you end up resting a lot due to low health (not endurance)? Speacially with lighters armor and low DR. 2- Can you use AI for this build or does is requirres heavy micro? If AI is ok, which options?
  2. Got the first round of bounties and now I understand why this is PotD. Pretty much impossible to kill any of them at level 6 with either drakes or monks on the groups :/ Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do I deal with enemies with 100+ defenses around lvl 6? I simply can't hit those suckers with my accuracy around 50...
  3. Just got to the point where you get Hiravias and the Grieving Mother (lvl5) and jesus ***k the druid feels out of place in my party... I tried "building" him with weapon and shield talent + heart of the storm but he is simply too squishy to be in the front line while his spells require him to be there. I am now using him with a quaterstaf behind the tanks, but he seems useless. The game has been pretty easy with pc paladin tank/tank eder/ tank kana. The only thing I had to leave behind was the pack of feral druids, because that thing is impossible when your entire party is perma stunned.
  4. I you don't like micromanagement and resting a lot (we're the same here) but still want to play a monk (I love them) then I would recommend the Witch Doctor I made. That build requires way less resting because it also works as a ranged character (as well as melee flanker/occasional offtank). Once you feel you get hit too much, retreat and cast THe Long Pain and kill everything from afar. It'S one of the most powerful monks (dps wise) that I know. Nice Paladin builds are "Darcozzi Forward Observer" who focuses on raising the ACC of his allies into the skies and the Kind Wayfarer Damaging Healbot. That one uses on-kill effects and special order related talents to heal like crazy. They both can be very tanky - although the Healbot needs a bit of oomph in order to steal kills for his healing. THe only things that help agaisnt low health are high defenses or Wound Binding. But a potion of Infuse with Vital Essence is also not bad: sip it before you go waltk into melee combat - the first 50 health you lose will not be substracted from your (unbuffed) health bar. That sounds good, but the long pain is a rather late (lvl7) spell. How would I fare before it? Actually I am not set into playing a monk. I prefer having a better optimized party (regarding the number of rests/easiness of fights) than playing a specific role. I used the monk for a while now and found it interesting but liked the ranger way more because of the pet/stormcaller :D
  5. Also, considering only companions party, who is a good option for full mechanics? I remember 14 locks on cragholdt and as far as I can tell, without buff only a custom rogue can get this high.
  6. Wow, so many good answers, thanks! I am almost ready for starting this. I have been trying different builds on my previous party to see how they perform and the ranger and chanter were the most impressive ones. I disliked how much micro the monk needed and how much rest he required, even though I was always full endurance, my health was constantly dropping pretty fast. Guess I will try the Monksterlasher version. The other thing is I can't find anything ok for the paladin. I ended up taking everything that was related to tank, sworn enemy and liberation and in the end it was just a meat shield worse than Eder (as a meat shield) but with more useful spells/dmg. I guess I am doing something wrong again. What I am mostly fearing is health dropping pretty fast on PotD and forcing constant rests. Endurance can be kept up with Shod-in-faith/chanter/veteran recovery, but since so far almost the entire party is composed of frontlines, I guess health will be a occurring issue.
  7. Can someone please give me some phrases combination for the chanter? I tried using chanter on my previous high level group and simply made a "song" starting with only the fire buff and then followed by the fire/slash aoe, but I read something about the aoe stacking with itself so I probably should do something different.
  8. Thanks for you input. Do you think pally tank would make the best MC? (I am guessing "mc" means the watcher).
  9. I have just recently finished my first playthrough on normal and got my teeth kicked in several times. Now, sadistic as I am, I want to try another playthrough but this time on PotD, using only companions (the banters are awesome) and the classes I didn't test during my first run. My first party was composed of: - PC blunderbuss cipher - Edér main tank - Carnage barb with tidefall (hired adventure) - Durance full support and firing pistols after buffing - Ranged rogue (hired adventure) - Aloth control Most of the trouble I had was with those ****ing shades and rain blights or whenever the fight was on an open space and I couldn't keep the enemies on the melees. I am far from a skilled/knowledgeable PoE player hence my need for help with a couple of things. 1- Given the classes I have played before, I want to run this time with druid/paladin/chanter/ranger/monk/X. What would be a good 6th class/build on this party? 2- Is this party viable? By "viable" I mean not having to reload 100x per fight or resting after 2-3 engagements. Please keep in mind the limited skill and knowledge of the game. 3- Considering I will use companions (and their terrible stats), which of the classes would make the best PC? I don't care that much about playstyle, afterall I will control all 6. The only thing is this time I want to do a 100% evil playthrough. 4- Talking about builds: I have read the stick and I think the builds would be as follow: Monk - KDubya's juggernaut Druid - Boeroer's bash!t crazy or L4wlight's thundercat Ranger - L4wlight's strom caller Paladin - No idea, probably something tanky to be the main tank? Chanter - Boeroer's Drake Ambassador Are those builds good options for the party? 5- Some of the companions are only acquired in WM. At which level is ok for me to try to do WM and gather them? Thanks in advance for the trouble in helping a noob out!
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