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  1. Rest and attrition gameplay are clearly not what they're designing for, though. That's kind of the point - it's a vestigial d20 feature that they don't seem to be willing to just cut off and be rid of. They'd have to rewrite more than half the game to make attrition-based gameplay relevant again. That's beside the point. You said it was tedious, i explained why that's completely subjective rather than factual.
  2. This bug triggers after i destroy the powderhouse and head to neketaka's palace. After talking to the queen, when she tells me to meet her at her garden the conversation ends and from there i can't move my companions. The mouse cursor changes to the symbol where you can't move. I used movement skills that dont require enemies and it allows them to move, but since i have 5 companions i can't use with them all (i will need to go to the ship, dump all companions, and then come to deliver the quest as a workaround).
  3. I actually like per rest and attrition gameplay. It forces you to be as clean as possible, it's a motivation and a reward system to how well you perform in every fight. A per encounter system makes every encounter pointless because it reduces the result to a binary win or lose the encounter withouth "by how much you won" result. It also makes trivial fights feel way more trivial and a chore, since you know beforehand that you won't lose any resource to clean it up and you will move forward effortlessly to your next encounter. What you and me call tedious are different things. Tedious for me is
  4. I paired it with berserker and he just tears stuff up and he is pretty much immortal in PotD. He is not a tank, but who needs a tank anyways ?
  5. I don't have numbers, so I can't say "most of these people" are running power builds in a game mode that hasn't yet been tuned for difficulty, so of course it is too easy. I didn't powerbuild i am cruising through PotD. I am by no means a good player or a min maxer. I have to look for combats 3-4 lvls ahead of me to even have a contest. PotD is certainly underdeveloped, which is a rather sad thing on release.
  6. Well, you just answered it too. Your answer was that it's stupid. My answer was exactly what the OP got wrong. Do you have an opinion about which post added more to the discussion, yours or mine? No, my answer is that you are all feeding the troll. It wasn't that hard to figure it out, i don't know how you missed it.
  7. Any class that doesn't have full attacks are decent with two handed. My biggest problem with two handeds is the delay to be honest, it's not only that they are subpar dps with full attacks, it's that they are also terrible to use panic buttons when you need them.
  8. Blizzard was already a fast growing company. WoW may had skyrocketed their earnings, but they weren't exactly low before it was launched. The analogy is not right as they were a very well stablished company at that moment with 3 very popular franchises. Anyways, people are too eager to vent their own frustrations on people who just want to enjoy the game right now and feel like they can't, calling them unreasonable. To continue the trend, i will be blunt, the moment you put a beta patch that fixes potentially gamebreaking bugs which is only accessible on one platform withouth giving a vali
  9. There is 100% no reason to wait, the game is as polished and feature complete as it will ever be. From here on out the only patches will be minor bug fixes. Stacking bug ?
  10. Thx. Blaster wizard i already have one in the party. At the end i went with the ranger, since i never really played one for long.
  11. Much appreciated, will try out the stormcaller ranger, but that witch doctor build sounds fun. Hoping it's on the forum.
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