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  1. I for one am just happy that I can play this in some capacity offline. I was prepared not to earn gold, but I'm also not a gold digger (ha!). I'm happy to pay up because I think this game is great. So for me, offline play might happen for a few hours on a plane trip, which isn't all that often at all, so I think it's fine. I didn't realise that treasure cards also could not drop while offline. Is that right? But even knowing that now, I'm still happy to have this offline at all. Some have suggested some tweaks that may be able to be implemented. That would just make things even better. I fully support the devs in their need to put a check in online for the gold system. Fully support it and understand it.:it does not assume everyone is out to rip them off at all like someone above suggested. That's over the top. It's simply an appropriate control method. How would anyone of you like knowing that the money in your bank account sits in a box somewhere that's not locked and accessible to the public, and it's generally only frowned upon if a member of the public opens it and steals from it. That's essentially what they're safeguarding from and I totally get it and 100% support it.
  2. So far I've been dividing each die by half its number of faces and just adding that up to see if it meets the check. I guess (without a masters in advance mathematics), that should give an average of 50% for meeting the check, but I've just been finding that it works for me, more like 70-80% of the time. If I can then add even just a d4 it verges on a sure thing. I think the strategies above and if I do say so myself, my own strategy, plus your own experience over time is the key to rolling with the odds. If you really want something, then not only meet your normal "check method" but also add a few die to escalate that chance dramatically is the lesson here.
  3. While in the story map, hit the character button down in the right corner (round button). This takes you to the character screen. Then look up in the top left it says "filter characters", you need to select "new" for this in order to display the available "new" characters. I bet you have "experienced" selected, which will only show your current characters because they are the only ones that are experienced. Then, with "new" selected, drag the round portrait of the character that you want from the top, drag it down to the bottom circles down below. Done. Enjoy.
  4. Ok thanks, it must be that. I just wasn't realising it because it does it automatically. I realise now it does briefly show a skull on the screen and drops the 1d8 onto the board.
  5. So a few times now I've observed kyra defeating a bane that says something like "if the check does not have the magic trait, this monster is undefeated". My kyra has beaten this bane each time banishing it. Whereas my Merisiel has beaten that same name but it's then shuffled back into the location deck. I cannot for the life of me see where kyra is getting this magic check from. I've looked again and again at the weapons and blessings I'm using for the combat, but am not seeing any magic in them. Anyone else seen this? And am I missing something here?
  6. So there's actually two strategies available by this "work around". 1) Power levelling the cards of your new character that you want to bring in to the party, after first going through a few rounds of acquiring cards 2) having an extra character act as a backpack for storage of cards you don't want to let go of. Genius
  7. You should help your wife with the cooking, or at least let us know you'll do the dishes
  8. Yes the guys here are definately correcto. Check card limits for each of the characters. Some other character must have more than they should.
  9. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know I had to make an account because this topic cringed me out so bad. The less said anymore, the better I think. 1) The devs made you a FULL digital version of the original board game for $25. Full stop. But if I must continue... 2) out of the kindness of the devs hearts, they even awarded all you great guys and gals with BONUS content!! Purchasable by real money or early by in game gold. Great!! Something extra to do! I know right!! These devs are amazing guys. 3) once purchased, you can leave this planet and head straight for the moon, without reception, and you'd be able to play the full game OFFLINE. Devs did an amazing job, quit whinging.
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