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  1. Less buggy? The bug reporting forum lit up like fireworks after the patch. The lore traits are broken. Gold isn't awarded. People are losing money on paid transactions. Blessings are disappearing. Quest mode is stuck. It's practically in beta mode again.
  2. Give it a couple weeks til you play/buy anything. So many bugs. So, so many.
  3. Just happened again, Crows Bait legendary. 200 gold reward. Showed the animation receiving the gold. Went to the store to purchase a chest and it's gone. I think I'm done playing for a while 'til all these new bugs are fixed. Game is pretty broken in the current state.
  4. The armor I mentioned above is called Steel Ibis Lamellar. The last line on the armor reads "if proficient with light armors, bury this card to reduce all damage dealt to you by 5; you may succeed at a craft 9 check to recharge it instead." I've found that when Valeros buries it, it gives you the option to recharge it without a roll. I assumed the other armors that bury for effect would follow suit, but maybe the steel armor is bugged? So confused lol.
  5. Well there's a new armor in deck 3 that does that, and has something to do with a craft check or something? I forget the name off the top of my head - but that one has the discard trait. Unfortunately it's not one that can be recharged when resetting a hand. Maybe it's worth keeping a few of these on Val for that purpose. Blah. The other option for Val didn't seem very good. At least it's only 1 point for the armor mastery, the other sections of that role looked decent.
  6. I took inspired dex. Blowing up blessings like a boss. I absolutely refuse to believe Val's armor recharging doesn't apply to armor. It must be bugged. Is this a thing in the physical game as well? Does it only apply to the occasional shield?
  7. Lol what a scam. It seemed like I would be able to recycle armor, since you know... The picture for armor mastery was a breastplate, and it is "armor"
  8. Crow Bait, legendary, was awarded 200 gold for completing, bringing my total to approx 630 gold. Went to store to buy a chest and the gold was gone.
  9. Valeros doesn't seem to benefit from this role. Whether I discard or bury an armor, the effect seems the same as prior to picking the role. I have yet to see any prompts to recharge armor, except for what the armor already allows for ("recharge to prevent 3 damage" etc).
  10. Until the bug gets fixed I suggest using only blessings you're ok with losing. And as for the multiple traps, I found that if you beat the first one and get an immediate repeat, you can simply roll again. Don't use any boosts on the follow-up roles. The trap will vanish regardless of what you roll on second or third repetitive encounters on the same draw.
  11. Ah I see what you're saying now. For me, it seems to be working as intended. As in, non-proficient characters do not get a penalty, hence why I let Ezren carry it around. Proficient characters DO get a penalty because they are proficient at using weapons, unlike this goblin-made piece of metal on a stick.
  12. I think I read somewhere that this is a clunky goblin weapon, thus any practiced swordsman (Valeros, et al) wouldn't use it very well. I gave mine to Ezren for battles not worthy of his high damage spells. Love it
  13. Magga was ok for me, crown of charisma paired with augury and scrying was really useful. Into the mountains was rough - my characters were all on the brink of dying from excessive necro damage. Luckily pulled the boss on the final draw.
  14. Ok confirmed- tried to use a lamashtu blessing to assist Kyra's battle. Characters at two locations. Kyra won the fight, there was no banish animation or anything but after the scenario kyra is missing the blessing.
  15. Hmm good question. The lamashtu definitely was banished though. I'll look closer next time.
  16. Deck B is the basic deck. You'll find mostly ordinary things there. 1 and 2 corespondent with adventures 1 and 2. So you'll find upgrades to your inventory as you make your way through the adventure. Story mode is a linear progression. You pick your party and go through the story, upgrade gear, and your character(s) get stronger. Quest mode is separate and has generally shorter adventures. In quest mode your players level up through experience points. You could do either or both at the same time. You can also have multiple copies of characters in either. The best way I could figure out how to keep them separate in my personal game was to play story mode and "nickname" the characters so I knew which I was picking from in the roster. As far as I can tell, once a character is dedicated to a story mode game, you can't use that exact character with his/her exact cards in another game at the same time.
  17. Actually it's not just dex blessings lol. I just had a blessing of lamashtu banished for no reason. I'm just gonna stick with blessing of the gods until they fix it, seeing as I have 34 of them banked haha.
  18. I've experienced the same thing, Boa blocks the deck and can't swipe him out to fight him.
  19. 1. Absolutely. Most of my best cards come from buying chest, adding those cards to the vault, and finding them in the story. 2. Any adventure. 3. From what I've read, most if not all of the cards are from the physical game. 4. Not sure
  20. Guys, I got a very quick response from aarik, who actually counted my cards versus the chests I bought, and assured me that the cards went into my vault even though the chest graphic bugged out.
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