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Meri inspired dexterity resetting encounters....?



so i have observed it 2x now, possibly more but i wasnt sure of what was going on at those times


Meri is now an acrobat with inspired dex


1st time seoni was in prison and used at location power to use dex8 to aquire boon, meri assisted with blessing of calistria for extra 2 dice. Seoni exceeded the difficulty. The boon(a sabertooth tiger) seemed to get banished, and seoni had an explore attempt (like first explore), when used the sabertooth tiger was drawn again, however meri's blessing was no longer in hand


2nd time vale encounter a trapped passageway in village house, again meri used a blessing of calistria to help, vale succeeded and the trapped passage seems to of been banished, no free explore option was given from the barrier, however he still had an explore attempt available, so using it he again runs into a trapped passageway, there being only 1 barrier in village house this is quite impossible


Further examination of meri shows that of the 5 blessings she is suppose to have started with 4 of them Have dissappeared, in her deck/hand/bury/discard piles, she only has 2 blessings,1 of the being a blessing of the gods which she picked up earlier.


The 4 missing are all ones that could of added to dex, ie, calistria, abbadar, and erastil



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Ok confirmed- tried to use a lamashtu blessing to assist Kyra's battle. Characters at two locations. Kyra won the fight, there was no banish animation or anything but after the scenario kyra is missing the blessing.

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