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  1. Major cure not working as intended. Visually the extra card goes from discard to deck, however it is not actually removed from discard
  2. Are you searching the forum? You know that because of a bug you have to encounter the last card in the game (do not let the timer run out, do not let Magga eat the last card) and win in order to advance, right? This has been reported on several threads. That wasn't the problem I was having. In the end I was able to complete this by redoing the mission on the easiest difficulty after a fourth attempt. Even though the game said I had completed it on a different story mode team it hadn't properly saved my progress and wanted me to complete it on easy again (for no gold reward but card rewards).
  3. Galaxy s7 story mode Using a wand of enervation on Seelah's combat check after she has activated inspired grace removes the bonuses (both die and plusses) from her check. Pressing the red x on Seelah's check, then further removes any plusses again (in my case a total of -4 because -2 from the initial removal of inspired then -2 from it trying to undo inspired but not being able to remove a dice as well). You can then reactivate inspired grace which will remove an additional card from the top of your deck and add in the d6 and the associated plus (still at a total of -2 + 1d6 in my case) Lini: combat glitch When using Lini you can apply animal trick, revealing a weasel or tiger and then discard or recharge them (respective to their abilities) to add a die, which is fine and expected. However if you proceed to press the red 'x' to cancel your bonuses and do this once again (specifically revealing the animal you plan to discard or recharge and then attempting to discard or recharge them) it will cancel your animal trick, prompting you to do it again. From here if you reapply animal trick, the discarded or recharged animal will be returned to your hand while still giving you their bonus d6
  4. So have the devs abandoned us? They announced this update forever ago and hook mountain is still "coming june" but June passed.
  5. Galaxy s7 Sejan with dodge is being dealt 1 fire damage by a defeated goblin pyro upon rolling a 1. Dodge prevented the 1 damage dealt by the Pyro itself but is not preventing the damage from the scenario ability
  6. I am playing on a galaxy S7, my team is merisiel Kyra, ezren, selah, lining, seJen, in that order.
  7. I just started the into the mountains mission on hard (1 wildcard: painful memories). When the game attempted to apply the painful memories effect, it also applied the scenario power of "whenever you defeat a henchman, each character at each location is dealt 1d4 force damage". I'd be fine with this if it allowed me to close the location for acquiring the fiery weapon spell, but in my case all of my characters are just being dealt 1d4 damage for no reason AND my Kyra has to bury a card...
  8. Here comes the flood progression lock: I've completed here comes the flood on all 3 difficulties and have not gained access to the next story mission. Additionally, it shows that I can gain the rewards for legendary difficulty again but not the other 2 difficulties as they have been completed. Any future attempts at completing do not yield the ally rewards as my characters show that they've all completed it
  9. Bump. This is still an issue even after the "Here comes the flood" hot fix. My lem did not receive the lvl 10 reward
  10. Thanks. As you can now see in my screenshot, the game considers mending AND my token of remembrance to be in the discard although both are still technically in separate areas (as mending should still be being cast). Also, ALL cards in my discard are being considered "valid targets" as they are all highlighted. However, selecting any of them gives no option to put one in my hand and none of them can be dragged out of discard. This is after 2 days of opening and closing the vault and store as well as resetting my phone and closing the game itself.
  11. I think clcwolf is on to something there. Does anyone know how to upload photos so I can show exactly whats happening?
  12. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87333-quest-gogmurt-d4-difficulty-for-goblins-bug/ Has already gotten developer attention. Hopefully this should be fixed by next update.
  13. Both my story and quest mode have gotten stuck mid check and now I can't play. How do I curb my sadness
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