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  1. I've got the same problem going on, gold timer seems mostly random...
  2. Why are wizards so bad at blessings (o deck capacity)? Arcane caster sadface...
  3. Do larger parties tend to make most games easier, or do you have a favorite sweet spot for how many characters you like to bring along? (I write, having only just unlocked my fourth PC)
  4. I'd say Scenarios play well. Quest mode has been the real path to replayability, and it's been much less reliable than Story mode, which makes it frustrating to even try when you're not sure you can finish the Quest or be stuck in some sort of endless limbo.
  5. I love that 1.0.3 fixes a bunch of the known issues... when will we expect it to drop? At this point I'm not really able to play for lack of trust, but I want to get back into the game as it stabilizes.
  6. Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7Cw2KJ1F2PUMTA3ZHd1QzNxc2s
  7. Same bug here: Quest mode, finished an adventure successfully, Merisiel (Rogue) levels up to 9 and her Spell card appears off screen (just above the viewable area, by the look of the aura). First my Wizard gets his benefits from going level 1 to 4, and I click through those. Then Merisiel gets her bonus card, and it shoots up to the top of the screen, so I can't tap on it to confirm and move on. iPad Pro 12", iOS 9.3.1, Quest Mode, Scenario completion screen, characters level 8, 8, 1
  8. I'm having the same issue on iPad Pro, every time I try to hit Quest mode it just stops on the loading screen. Have quit and restarted a few times.
  9. Is there any in-app way to send feedback or capture strange behaviors, weird situations, unexpected interactions? I've had a few things that may have been Working as Intended but definitely unclear, as well as a few freezes.
  10. The Quest mode bug has basically killed my ability to play the game further. Any comments on when the next patch will drop? Can I help with any further data about my iPad Pro or some sort of bug report from the game?
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