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  1. Ok, this worked quite as expected - Not sure it's good design though, given the "arrow button" is named "Reset hand" and trash (that comes after) is Optional Discards. Basically they're wrong way around - you discard first and then reset hand. Even then, I think manually clicking "Reset hand" should allow us to trigger effects that occur... Well, while "Reseting hand" instead of having to realize that discard happens before Reset (which buttons are still arranged in different way - Reset first). 2. You CANNOT recharge it from your discard pile, and the wording is identical to in the board game. Card text (unless it, for some reason, explicitly states otherwise) ONLY works from your own hand, as part of the core rules. If a card says "Recharge this to add 1d4 to your check", you can't recharge it from your discard pile, nor from your buried cards, nor from the deck itself. Because its not in your hand, so its text is not relevant, as it cannot be played or activated for any means. Whether the wording is misleading or not (I don't think it is; that's like saying you can 'reveal' a weapon from your discard pile to use it in combat) is irrelevant, since it's consistent with the board game and the rules thereof. I realize that the recharge from discard wouldn't be working as written. I was just confused if that was SUPPOSED to work that way since in my testing the card simply didn't do what wording said. If it was supposed to work to "recharge from discard" the wording would've surely been false, that's what my addition was about. Since the card doesn't exist in physical version (that I also have played and know the rules and wordings), I had no way to clarify whether it was the function or wording that's false. Apparently it was function but in the end it's more like UI problem than bug in card. In any case, the buttons should be rearranged to meet correct turnorder and manually triggering any phase from turntrack should disable the "fastforward". If I click "Reset hand"-phase the game shouldn't think that "No, there's no reason you'd want to go there. Let's throw you to next turn instead". I understand the whole "making the game faster" deal but manually entering phases should override the automatic transition - even when there's nothing to do on that phase.
  2. You get Obsidian edition for price of normal Steam edition via Ambassador campaign. So while, yes - You have to buy little extra, you get all Alt Characters and much more for just 17,24€ (or 23€ base price). Take a look at Alt character prices in mobile and you quickly realize how good of a discount this is. (They're 37€ per pack, and there's 2 of packs!)
  3. So much this. Whole Unclaimed cards idea feels against the games original idea anyway, let alone with the fact that unclaimed cards ignore adventure deck numbers :/ I'd be okay if we were able to ignore the tab, while the optimal would be to block cards of too high adventure deck level and maybe even go back to system where we didn't get usable copy of card when opening chests
  4. Treasure card Vermilion Rhomboid doesn't allow recharge at Reset Hand phase Reveal this card to add 1d10 to your non-combat Acrobatics check. You may play another item on this check. You may recharge this card when you reset your hand. By this wording you should be able to recharge the card from your hand when resetting hand. I haven't tested what happens if the card is in discard instead of hand, but my guess is that it still doesn't recharge (and if it does, the wording is still incorrect)
  5. You can still Salvage cards - You can do this by going to campaign mode via edit decks
  6. Hello! It's been way too long since playing this game... Anyways, I have two questions about treasure cards. 1. Are treasure cards added to pool of possible cards in location decks (according to location deck building rules ofc, correct location deck etc. etc.) 2. If question 1. was yes, can I salvage all cards in my Unclaimed tab for little extra gold and still have a chance of encountering given cards in location decks? (If so, how would it be easiest to go with this? - Guess that makes a 3rd question ) I'm asking these questions because I wish to play the game "as intended". Getting extra card _possibilities_ is nice addition but giving those cards for "free" is in my opinion bull____ and breaks the idea of building deck by playing (as originally intended). EDIT: Also, I noticed that the game forces me to resupply from "Unclaimed" before allowing deck repair (Can't use basic cards to "repair" if I have such card in Unclaimed) - I don't think this is good, even in the case it's working as intended.
  7. If something it's typo. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAyNFg3Njg=/z/wtEAAOxyVLNS5ovo/$_35.JPG has original card photo listed and it states "random card"
  8. Did you press another character before pressing continue after first reward? So far the workaround has been 100% working at least for me and apparently many others, not saying that it can fail also...
  9. Had my first Deck 2 card drop just now. Still have yet to purchase even Burnt Offerings. Could we get clarification from devs that is this bug or working as intended?
  10. +1, had this happen once during quest mode grinding. Doesn't seem to occur very often but when it does it sucks a lot. Can't find any pattern here since I had it happen to monster that had worked fine just before in same game
  11. If you were as hardcore as you claim you would turn perma-death on. Missing level up rewards is almost as bad as perma-death anyway since if you miss a couple of feats your character is basically going to be unplayable on harder difficulty quests. I played with permadeath but left it for now since because of bug characters resurrect, it kinda ruins it For now rather lose rewards and roll again after noticing I can't do anything :D
  12. If you use Potion of Ruggedness in Mountain Peak you're supposed to avoid Bury (At the start of the turn succeed at Wisdom/Survival 7 or bury a card) yet after banishing potion you still have to bury
  13. Yup, this is probably bug. You get xp to character who dies yet you don't get reward. I personally keep going, being sucker for penalizing death I had no problem accepting my Sorceress lacking power feat - hell, you died, there should be penalty. Yet I hope this bug will be fixed since I doubt many agree with me here
  14. At this moment I own only free adventures (That means B - right?) and I have AD 1 cards in my deck
  15. Question still un-answered so lets clarify it bit. Can I see cards from ADVENTURE PACKS I don't own in quest mode?
  16. Well, as far as I remember Adventure deck 1 isn't free? Asking this because at this moment I haven't bought adventure packs yet I still encounter deck 1 cards, that's why I asked the question. I remember Hannibal writing that Adventure deck numbers are tied to quest character level ( levels 1-10 B/1, 11-20 mostly 2, 21-30 mostly 3) so somekind of clarification here would be nice What comes to the side note I don't think that quest mode farming should be limited - after all it takes about 30mins per quest. Since you get about 150 gold per quest (taking heroic reward for sake of averaging) it takes 5 hours to unlock single character or whole total of 13,5h to unlock adventure pack - This provided you never lose a single quest. So I think it's somewhat balanced at this moment
  17. Levels and upgrades are retained EDIT: Noticed that cards also are retained. This might bring issue with cloning cards got to do some experimentation with this.
  18. The title - If I play quest mode only do I get any benefit from buying Adventures or is my gold better spent in characters at least first?
  19. Pfft, I even read that post... Don't know how I missed it, however now we have it in separate thread and know it's not random occurrance
  20. Don't know exactly how often this happens and if this is reproducable but here are the steps and what happened. I was browsing character list in quest mode. There were 3 characters (Meridiel 1, Kyra 1 (dead) and Kyra 2). I went back to mainmenu and to story mode and tried to create new party to see whether quest mode characters are playable in story mode also (answer - as it should be is of course no). I didn't create new story mode party but instead quit without doing anything else. Went back to quest mode and surprisingly Kyra 1 had used his Clerical abilities and had returned back from the grave. This obviously breaks whole point of Permadeath. And while we're on it - is there a way to delete characters? EDIT: Just tried reproduce it by killing character again and doing steps again. 100% reproducion rate. 1. Kill character 2. Go to quest mode map with new party to save "killed state" (You shouldn't be able to recover stuff here btw, it's possible even with characters who weren't with dead one) 3. Go to story mode and start creating new party (don't create one, not required. You might have to swap to experienced tab though) 4. Go back to quest mode and you have dead characters back
  21. If you encounter Bruthazmus with scenario power that spawns ancient skeletons it will result in some strange interraction. Bruthazmus is villain that has to be defeated twice. Defeating Bruthazmus first time makes Scenario power trigger (each character encouters ancient skeleton). After defeating skeletons (that shouldn't have appeared in the first place - I think?) game should now make you encounter Bruthazmus again. However instead of doing so game will spawn another round of skeletons (Scenario power). After defeating these skeletons game will prompt to Close location (while Bruthazmus is still howering in screen as "active card"), at least if you success in closing location game will go on normally - not sure what happens if you fail however. EDIT: Was little hasty in this one - Nothing to do with Throne Room in particular, skeletons came obviously from Scenario Power in quest mode... edited accordingly, mods can change title to something more appropriate
  22. Fixed +1, While another character is marked as "non-selectable" (cross over it) you can select it and if you do reward will come normally. So workaround instructions are following: 1. Select reward for first character. 2. Press card to open and dismiss 3. Select character who has reward bug (even though there might be cross on him) 4. Press continue and proceed normally with rewards.
  23. Hello! I was testing out new quest mode after patch. Initial testing was good, everything worked - until my first character reached level 5. I was playing permadeath (not sure if related, could be since characters had different level up rewards as my another character had met his maker once already) and I finished normal quest. Reward screen showed up as normal however once I got to rewards of Meridiel (lvl 5 now, supposed to get Ally+Power feat) I couldn't continue. Card shows up as normal in reward screen however clicking/tapping it causes it to shoot up offscreen leaving it unreachable. (you can even see the flashy effects coming from offscreen in screenshot) Screenshot taken at http://imgur.com/TQRy3Ns . This testing was conducted using Bluestacks and it could very well caused by it, however the game has worked so far so well using Bluestacks and even with tablets people are reporting bugs pretty much so I decided to throw this up here, I'm pretty confident that it could (somehow) be reproduced using real tablets, can't test it right now since I don't have access to iPad/Droid at this moment.
  24. While not a device in traditional meaning of the word I'm reporting that Bluestacks (android emulator) works well with the game. Only problems are that small card texts are barely readable (workaround - click card to make it appear big) and some drag-actions (like party builder) are not as responsible as one might hope but once you learn the right way to use them it's as good as iPad (been testing with one, don't know gen though since it's device my gf got from school and haven't bothered with research ) So if you need to play the game with PC while waiting for Steam release go ahead and try it
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