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  1. Yep, me too, all this ^^ Yo Devs! Anyone! Can we ples git sum assiSTAUNCE?! ThaHnki
  2. Same, completed the absorb or mitigate 5 Dmg quest and got no 100 coins for it. Also never received the 2500 coin compensation for the holidays questing issues.
  3. Well...my challenges are back to progrssing as normal, I HAVE been getting the pop ups in game as I progress the daily again, buuuuut...I am STILL waiting on my 2500 gold compensation for the holiday glitch. Any info on this? Is anyone else still waiting on their gold as well?
  4. I did get my sweater, still none of the compensations though....sure would be nice to have an extra 2500 gold right now...and actually it should just be 5k at this point because others have "accidentally" been compensated 5k instead of the 2500.
  5. Me either...no gold, treasure box as previously promised, or gold compensation...id like 5k instead too...since others are getting this extra as a bug...everyone should
  6. Yep, yep, and...yep! First of all..they DID at one point make it so that when you finish a challenge you had to go to the "reward" portion of the challenge screen to pick up your rewards....that doesnt work anymore and even though the current daily says complete..there is no reward to pick up and im sure it wasnt automatically rewarded. Now the weekly? Yeah....WTH does that description even mean?! SOMEHOW i got 1/5 completed....no idea when that was much less HOW 0,0 During the holidays a daily was broken..once or twice and since the weekly completion was DEPENDANT on completing dailies in a limited time....someone on the forums from the dev team DID say we would all be getting the "holiday" sweater since the conditions were broken...AND due to this we would all get "some" treasure AND gold....so what gives? Where are the goods and...again...wth..is..the weekly challenge?! Haha...kthanksbuhbye. Edit: ok, checked and I do have the sweater, but thats it.
  7. Yep, me either. I thought since the daily was broken at one point we were supposed to get some gold and treasure chest (s)
  8. Okie, good deal Was worried about not getting my christmas sweater!
  9. EeeYUP! Lol, was just checking to make sure this had been made known
  10. Maybe....as an early...smaaall somewhat- x-mas gift...on Monday you guys could rectify the gold lost with no challenges for the past few days by giving out a free chest or two?!
  11. Oh, and it's the only story mode save, with date 7-10-2016, time: 21:20
  12. Ok, so I have finally encountered a bug...first one ever that has affected me period...I have been lucky apparently compared to the bugs reported on this thread. Everything smooth as butter loving every minute...till here comes the flood. My issue sounds a lot like Belafon's except thankfully everything else still works, meaning I can quit, forfeit, look at all my pretty cards, characters and there stat pages/screens, current buffs/ally's aquired/how many black magma has aquired. I have tried just forfeiting, starting over which seemed to work at first because what triggered the freeze initially was closing a location, so the next time around I just did not close any locations, then about halfway through (magga has 24 ally's, and me about 12 or so) and Harkin or the hunter guy wutever his name is died, np, moving on next turn is Seela..right? The Paladin, her turn goes fine, about to move on arrow comes up for me to turn it over to the next character lit up like usual ...I click it...and bam..it..does...absolutely nothing =\ So I quit, restart, continue, everything is the same whenI come back, but the arrow is not lit anymore, it's that weird dark green/grey (sorry, color blind) color and still will not allow me to pass the turn to the next character. I can't do a thing but forfeit, but..this or something similar like I mentioned continues to happen so game breaking/progression breaking bug for me at this point. I am really sad cuz I friggin love this game and was so excited to be on the verge of the character progression trees being unlocked. Oh btw, the last action was actually guarding with the ice shield with Kyra, not Seelah, it was one damage from a skinsaw cultist I use the shield which is my last card in hand, negates the damage, then ques me to "go to next character" via arrow on the right like always...which is just broken. I tired both revealing to negate damage and just plain discarding the shield, both still have same result in broken progress arrow. Oh and, it's the shield of fire resistance. Please please help meh! Help me Rhonda help help me Rhonda. * Also tried and retried with different settings like the effects off and on, tips, etc etc* I am on IPad 4, latest iOS build, pass n play..nope, permadeath...nope, story mode with Seelah, Kyra, Harsk, and Ezren..that's the turn order as well, here comes the flood normal, Here is my PFID # if it is needed: 77F282B55786A8EC Sid
  13. I basically made sure I had the latest version of IOS, restarted my IPAD and restarted the game/logged in and got all my gold, my problem is I accidentally purchased double the gold I was shooting for. I just need to know will it be possible to get a refund on half of the 8000 gold>? Is this something I need to take up with Apple and not here? Or am I just waiting for Obsidian? Thanks.
  14. ok, so I now have my gold...which is 8000 g instead of 4000 g. I am not going to spend over 4000, will I be able to get the other 4000 refunded?
  15. Ok, so something similar has happened to me. First of all, I have only finished the tutorial and can't wait to dive head first into this game, but not until this snaffu is fixed. I finished the tutorial and upon the game asking me to make my first party and seeing that the Paladin was not available unless purchased, I immediately went to purchase the 4000 gold option..I had 16 gold..I believe..before this, after the confirmed purchase my 16 gold is gone and gold shows ZERO, and instead of the previous cost for the Paladin AND..all other adventures, chests, characters...everything literally has a gold cost of -1 yes...Negative One...and again...showing myself owning 0 gold. I may have been a little anxious and gone ahead and tried to purchase the 4000 gold again thinking this was just my ADHD playing tricks on me and that I had not actually purchased the gold...upon second purcahse (after a reboot of the game also) the same exact senario happened again...zero gold and all items showing a new cost of -1 gold. Ultimately I would still like to keep ONE of the 4000 gold purchases, but would like a refund for the second...which was not intended. I am very excited about playing this game and I really hope this does not continue in the future and that this instance can be resolved so I can continue to play! Thanks! Sid
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