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  1. PFID-5A0B9C2BD43C6C97 It's the story file from 12-06-2016 at 23:13
  2. Nope. I can't make any selections or activate anything in the UI. After pressing every part of the screen the only things that I can get to happen are the two I described above (Examine lights up but does nothing, Black Maga scorebar lights up but does nothing.)
  3. In case it wasn't obvious from the first post, this bug is of the "throw the tablet down in frustration and try very hard not to throw a tantrum" variety. I literally cannot do anything with a party I spent hours getting through all the difficulty levels of the first two (and basic) adventures. I have no desire to restart again from square one.
  4. So, my Story Mode game is completely locked up. As in, I can't get anything to happen. I appear to be stuck and unable to do win, lose, or even cancel. If I shut down the app I am able to log back into the main menu. Everything else works (can still play quest mode, still access store, etc.) but if I open the current Story group it completely locks up again. Same outcome if I power off the iPad and power back on. Details: Running the scenario Here Comes the Flood on normal difficulty. Merisiel was at the Village House and used a spyglass at the end of her turn to examine the top
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