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  1. I purchased both the RotR pack and the Daily Gold option today, and was immediately given my 200 gold, plus another 100 or so for finishing the tutorial. Now, when I log on, I have no gold and the game has no record that I ever purchased it. My RotR pack is noted as "owned". Additionally, I opened the free treasure chest I received and the cards I got are no longer in my collection nor do I have a free chest. I tried the "restore" option and got an error message about the "receipt existing". I am playing on iOS, iPad mini. I was a beta playtester as well Thanks - Tim
  2. I have encountered this on IOS (iPad mini) and posted about it today. Haven't figured out any way to make it go away, but the app runs in the background.
  3. I deleted the previous version of Pathfinder Adventures and downloaded the latest update. When I open it, an opening message says, "Network connection has been restored. Gold and in app purchases have been enabled." There is a Close button at the bottom of the message, but tapping it (or anything else) doesn't make it close. There is no "X" on this dialogue box, so I cannot use that. The rest of the app seems to function normally, but the fore mentioned message covers the center of the screen so I cannot see anything underneath it. This is one of those "fix it now" issues, in my opinion,
  4. "Foul Misgivings" with villain "The Skinsaw Man" in the Warrens. Academy and Foxglove Manor are permanently closed, Merisiel has failed her check-to-close at the farmhouse after the Haunt and has to hang out there to temp close. Skinsaw Man appears in Warrens against Kyra, Warrens special ability is forced which places a random enemy on the farmhouse, combat immediately starts with no opportunity to temp close. No closing interface was triggered at all as is typical with the villain encounter. This was repeatable in three consecutive games, even with the Villain in Foxglove Manor.
  5. Experiencing a bug with the item "Token of Remembrance". When using this item with Kyra, having a Divine Spell in the discard pile, there is a bug every time wherein I am shown an "empty" discard pile interface with the request to select a spell to recharge. I have no option but to hit the "X" button to cancel this and the end result is my Token of Remembrance in the buried cards and no other change. Apologies if this is a known bug, I did not see it mentioned on the "known issues" list. Amazing app. LOVE IT.
  6. The patch has fully resolved this (and many other!) issues for me. Thanks!
  7. Same for me and I've been unable to fix it. I will have to wait for a new build to continue testing. Sad, but glad to have found a major issue during testing.
  8. I've had the "character reset" bug twice already and my iPad is not allowing me to purchase new adventure packs, so I'm stuck on the B set. I'm pretty much an expert on those three adventures now and hoping for a fix so I can continue testing.
  9. I have regained 800+ gold and still have no "buy" button. I have screenshotted it, but can't figure out how to post pictures here. Any tips?
  10. I am logged in and there is no "Buy" button at this time. I would screenshot it, but unfortunately I lost 500 gold testing out the treasure chests and now I don't know if that's why the Buy is not showing up. I will try to get back to 750 gold ASAP and let yoh know. I am accessing the store via the main menu and I have also tried it via the option to progress on the map by clicking the "locked" 1.
  11. Hey all- Having a really great time with the app - nicely done so far, despite the little bugs. I have amassed 950 gold via my playthroughs of Perils, and I would like to continue on to AP1 rather than keep playing the same 3 scenarios. When I go to the "store" to purchase AP1, the only option for Burnt Offerings (which says is costs 750 gold), is "preview" which brings up a tiny box with garbled text and three image previews. How do I purchase this? I see no "Buy" button? Thanks!
  12. OS: iPad mini I just finished Brigandoom with Kyra and Merisiel and have arrived at the "make changes between games" interface. I can pass cards between characters but there appears to be no way to banish excess cards and the program will not let me continue until I have created legal decks. Is there a location to drag the excess cards that I earned and don't want to banish them?
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