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  1. Going by appearence. I never checked the framerate before because the game, for me, has always run smooth as silk save for that one scene in the docks (when you first land in Nagitaka or whatever). Judging from past experience, the frame rate is below 10, and stuttering. Or last I checked.
  2. My system: https://gist.github.com/nstgc/02457d7920931a3f8d69cc7b9fa41a2c Frame rate tanked. Load speeds are abysmal.
  3. Does it reset them, or does it simply fail to properly read the achievements file? If you roll back do they show up again?
  4. I apologize for the late reply. Last week was crazy. Also, the title is a bit misleading (not the intent). While its true that the screenshot was taken without any mods, I did use a mod to allow multi-classed characters to reach PL 9. Also. . .every time I had to restart my game due to bugs, I got mad and increased the starting attribute points. I restarted 4 times. That said, my save game file is 4.6MB in size, which is several times too large for the forums (could someone please fix that?) May I send it via email? edit: I decided to just send it anyway. Worse case scenario is that you guys ignore it.
  5. I have not used the console. I will upload a save sometime tomorrow or Saturday. Tomorrow looks like its going to suck, so it'll probably be Saturday. I'll also try to respec. See if that helps.
  6. For what its worth, I loaded PoE2 vs 2.something (beta) from yesterday's snapshot. This problem is was present before BoW release, but I'm only seeing it now because I haven't played in a while. Oh, also other than F1 and F6, by hotbar is gone.
  7. Sorry, but are you insane? Concelhaut's Draining Touch is the one summoned weapon I don't touch. Have you even tried Caedebald's Black Bow? Literally all the other wizard summoned weapons I can think of are great. Even Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff (PL1) is usable for me in end-game. I am insane, but I don't see what that has to do with anything. I have not tried the bow. The reason I'm willing to use C's DT is due to unique weapons outclassing all the summoned ones. The bow is a bit specially, I'll admit, since there are few ranged uniques, in comparison to melee, I can understand how you would want to give them to someone else, and maybe your wizards would be left in the lurch. I still think their are tons of ranged options, and that by the time you level up enough to take that spell its a non-issue.
  8. Of all the summoned weapons, I feel this is the only one that actually is borderline okay. At least among the Wizard's pool. The rest of them are trash.
  9. A lot of people have mentioned performance issues, and lately someone has pointed out that the problem appears to not be with graphics cards, but rather with the threading. However, if this is the case, then I would assume I would have issues as well since I have an i7-E. I was wondering if perhaps the difference is that this is a Windows problem. Thoughts? Observations? I say its an i7-E, but its not especially fast since its an Ivy.
  10. For what its worth, I've had this happen to be as well on previous versions.
  11. If you think this is impressive, you should've seen the forum the week following Deadfire's release. It also helps that most forumites here are willing to have a civil discussion instead of starting a flame war. I can sum up the first week of posts: "Literally unplayable". Except they weren't talking about bugs, for the most part.
  12. This is one of the many reasons I don't play Iron Man.
  13. Yeah. . .its bad. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102690-spoilerrant-choosing-factions-at-the-end-rdc/
  14. Incendax, I had forgotten that. Just as the Rautaians can call the place their ancestral homeland, the Vallians call that their home. Kind of reminds me of South Africa.
  15. I don't think VTC cares about improving the region at all, unless it benefits them. I don't think Castol will strip-mine the place, but he isn't there to make nice with the locals. Also, as has been said, once VTC is done with the region, they will leave. The result will be a TERRIBLE power vacuum. VTC taking over, even Castol, leaves the Deadfire dead sooner or later. edit: It has been pointed out that yes, the VTC does have a reason to invest in the area. They have been there for about 100 years now, and many Vallains call the Deadfire home. They may not be there to enrich the natives, but they are going to "improve" the property.
  16. I'd like to point out, again, that Castol wasn't in it for the money. He talked money to the VT Board, but money is second in his mind. he did collaborate with slavers, which is reprehensible, however considering two of the other factions did the same I can't really hold it against him, especially since it seemed as if he genuinely disliked not only dealing with Pirates, but slavers as well. @Daggerknight To me it isn't just what's best for the Deadfire. Frankly, the places seems pretty much ****ed no matter what. So I took a step back and looked at what would be best for the world. If all options are just about equally bad, may as well pick the one that benifits the good of the rest of the world. Besides, the Deadfire is part of the world.
  17. Obsidian really did a great job of showing more than one side to this. It would have been so easy to just take the easy route and have an ultimate bad guy, but this game lacks that. I think that is what I found so appealing about the ending. There was no bad guy. There was a goal, but no villain. As for creating a vacuum. . .the Deadfire seemed like a lost cause anyway.
  18. Poverty with an opportunity to rise is not nearly the same thing, and not all societies actively embrace classist thinking let alone put religious significance to their classes. Well, to paraphrase the Durance, "the last thing the Deadfire needs is another foreign incursion." If you can convince yourself that you're doing good and that it's your place to decide, I guess there's no stopping you. I'm pretty comfortable with a free-for-all ending, myself. If the Huana want freedom, they're going to have to figure it out for themselves. when nobility are still a thing class decided by birth are plaguing everyone and everything ofcourse it must be corrected but don't choose side between huana vtc and rdc has no significant effect on that No. Nobility didn't litterally, at a systemic level, force the poor to eat garbage.
  19. I actually was going to do the RDC quest over the VT because I felt they had something of a right to the land and their people were more closely related. . .Until I was ordered to take party in mass murder. Had they said "sneak in and kill the Queen" I'd be like "This is wrong blah blah blah okay fine." But carpet bombing an entire civilian district? No.
  20. I'm the same. I want him in the party for the perspective he brings, but I can't stand him. He is revolting. I hated Durance, but at least I thought Durance was a good character. I can't say the same for Fishboy. His perspective is interesting and well written, but everything else about him seems like it came from a can and was packed in oil.
  21. I'm with the OP. They treated a huge chunk of their population like **** and allowed slavery to continue on due to an easily exploited technicality. As for "this is our home" the RDC people remind the watcher that they too have Ukaizo as their ancestral home land. It would be like the US putting up trading posts in the UK and then making a mad dash for Camelot (which lets face it, is only a model). . .assuming most Americans could trace their linage back to Briton. . . In any case. All the factions have issues. I think the least of the evils is Castol's VT. Yeah, he pulled some **** with that whole slave thing, but that is one thing. He isn't in it for profit. He wants to make the world a better place. Atsura may or may not want to make one or more places better (who the **** knows what he thinks), but Castol is a visionary first and businessman second. I don't care for the idea of exploiting the land and people, but he isn't using slash-and-burn methods. He is planning for well into the future. Now, the other person (the Governor), she. . .would strip mine the Deadfire and all but literally enslave (if not literally enslave) the locals.
  22. Yes. But again, that isn't the point. The point is that this isn't addressed at all.
  23. It's possible the original wheel was formed through some kind of metaphysical evolution, but once the Engwithans inserted themselves in it, it became a new wheel, as the changes were not reversible. That is the general consensus, however this isn't a question of how life existed before the Engwithan's wheel. Rather its about how everyone is losing their **** over this without anyone bothering to point out that life existed before the Engwithan's wheel. And, as pointed out, the watcher (and gods) know that the wheel had existed before the Engwithans.
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