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  1. It's worse than I thought. As I noted in another thread, Azzuro cannot be found or interacted with via the Stronghold Action panel. I'm talking about when he returns after I've solved his quest, which I have done by sending one of my NPCs to protect his trade route. This is a little frustrating, as I had been looking forward to buying some gadgets and gizmos from him. Just now a random supplicant showed up, looking for an escort or money. I couldn't help that character for the same reason and lost reputation with Dyrford as a result. I was so annoyed by that, I reloaded and got a different
  2. Yep. I'm playing 3.0.2. I've solved A's dilemma (with Pelligina, not copper) and Azzuro has returned but he's nowhere to be found and there's no option to trade with him from the Action screen. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to buying some interesting trinkets for the approaching endgame.
  3. One of my first prestigious visitors was the infamous Geyda. I sent off Aloth to foil her plans and all went well. That, for the record, was when my world was 3.0.1. Now it's 3.0.2 and yesterday Geyda came back. But on this visit, she was nowhere to be found in the great hall and there was no information in the stronghold message window other than that she was there. In due course, she cleared off and, because I'd been unable to interact with her, I took a hit to prestige and security. Now, it's happened again. She's at the stronghold for the third time, apparently, but nowhere to be seen.
  4. Honestly not sure if this is a bug or not but it seems weird. Just completed a bounty at Madhmir Bridge and thought I'd head to Brackenbury. When I arrived, I noticed 2 days 27 minutes had passed. Checking the map confirmed that a return journey would take about the same time. The thing is, this journey is longer than journeys between Brackenbury and places that are further away: Analog's Compass (1 day, 24 hrs, 27 minutes), Black Meadow (1 day 14 hrs, 27 minutes), Magran's Fork (1 day, 18 hrs, 27 minutes). And Caed Nua is only 22 hours (and, yes, 27 minutes) away, why? The river we can't
  5. Can I just chip in here? I'm not in China but I updated the game from the App Store yesterday to 3.0.2. It seems they just launched the new version there yesterday. But what I wanted to suggest was have you tried contacting the App Store version publishers, MPDigital directly? Maybe they can help. I hope you find a solution soon.
  6. Just a quick note for people who bought the Mac version through the App Store and have been waiting for the 3.02 update. It's now live.
  7. I played all evening yesterday with the quality slider set to maximum and didn't experience any problems at all. So your were right. I was wronger than Wrong "Wrong" McWrong, winner of last year's Mister Wrong Competition (apologies to Rowan Atkinson). I didn't think that the installation location would have anything to do with it. I was sure I'd encountered the issue before moving the game to an external drive. But it seems completely fine now, despite dozens of map uses and area transitions. So, thank you.
  8. Hi Aarik D, Really appreciate the response. Okay, I've done some ruthless file culling to make enough SSD real estate available, reinstalled the game and restored my save games. Now I'll experiment. I'll just try the game as it is to start with. If I encounter epic frame rate drop, I'll copy the saved game and log files. Then, I'll try the moving the quality slider as you suggest and see what happens. Again, I'll copy the save and log files. And then I'll report back. Meanwhile, thanks again for the help.
  9. I would go further. I'd like walk mode to be meaningful, by making running have an impact on endurance. Let's have sheathing weapons while we're at it.* Running around with an unsheathed sword has got to cause RSI. I'm serious. A meaningful walk/sheathed weapons mode would have the benefit of maintaining high endurance levels and also make room for quests that were time-sensitive, such as hostage rescue scenarios. (An NPC says, "Hurry! The cultists are going to sacrifice my beloved at [$currentTime + 30 mins]." Imagine that: an RPG in which someone told you to hurry and it actually made a diff
  10. I guess I should reply to this, having just read my own log file. There are numerous error messages in it. Though I haven't read all of these, some may appear relevant (but I doubt it, on grounds that I'll explain below), I moved the app from its default installation folder to an external drive. My Mac has a small SSD that is packed to the brim. I run several of my games from an external USB 3.0 drive, including other games bought via the Mac app store. When I moved the app at first, it fell over at the launch screen. I wrote to MacPlay (providers of the app store version) and they said th
  11. Hi, I’m playing 3.01 bought through the app store on a fully up-to-date Mac with a dedicated GPU (system details attached). About the only nasty bug I regularly encounter is the frame-rate-falling-off-a-cliff issue. I’ve tried to find what it is that causes this but, until today, it has always seemed random (bear in mind I only bought the game a few weeks ago). The cure is always and only to quite to desktop (quitting to main menu never cut it), re-launch and cross my fingers. Sometimes I can play for hours without encountering the bug; sometimes it’s there on re-launch and I simply have to st
  12. Ah. I read that post but somehow missed the Dropbox tip. I'll do that. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I recognise there might be technical limitations with the PoE engine that make absolute darkness too big an ask, but I agree that pseudo-medieval fantasy RPGs have shied away from realistic lighting for night and underground environments for some years, and I miss that. The superbly lit caves of Skyrim irked me, too. I remember it being a feature of FTL's Dungeon Master and working to great effect. More recently, Legends of Grimrock did something approaching total darkness (complete with a period of light sensitivity adjustment to sudden darkness) that only added to the atmosphere. As Luck
  14. Hi, I'm new here, so I understand that I'm subject to certain posting restrictions at first. Anyway, I had prepared a bug report the I thought might prove helpful. However, upon coming to the post submission form, I see that I'm limited to a maximum of 507KB of file attachments per post. The save game file alone is 3.4MB, so I doubt file compression will help. Will I be able to attach bigger files in time or is there something wrong with my save game file?
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