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  1. Aye, though I thought the hoods were mostly a clipping issue. Oh well, as long as the story and gameplay rock, it could be using EGA graphics for all I care.
  2. They actually wanted to add this but they also wanted lower spec computers to be able to run the game. Putting in light sources on the sabers caused a huge memory drain so they scrapped it.
  3. You munch on bits, you pull on reigns.
  4. There was a quote about fiction that I cant quite remember. Something to the effect of "In order for fiction to work, there must be a certain surrender of reason".
  5. "They will be just as useless and aggravating to control as the first game. If you are going to let a munchkin class/character to be part of the game it will dominate the game. Its true in PnP and it is true in CRPGs." I believe this statement to be false. In real PnP games, no one type of character dominates the game (no good DM would allow it). The same is true for CRPGs. A person will play what they are good at role playing. Granted, there are the young ones who want to be uber. The good players dont care about them. If you have not yet read "The Fighter, The Role Player, The Loony, and The Munchkin", I highly suggest you do so.
  6. While I too would love to see a Star Wars game where you didnt have to be a Jedi, I have faith in Obsidian. They have alot of good blood and I believe they will make this game worth playing. I didnt see much of a power imbalance between Jedi and non-Jedi in Kotor. Maybe it was just the way I built each character (didnt use default settings).
  7. If a dueling ring was more common, you could have the end result of each fight affect your alignment. A LS would shake his opponent's hand and make the crowd cheer. A DS would shred his opponent with force lightning, terrifying the audiance and getting a more... sinister following.
  8. Or you could have light spew forth whenever you spark up your lightsaber and see it reflect off the walls. Either that or a flashlight would do.
  9. So thats what happened to Malak...
  10. Well, the cut was at a slight angle and the skin was black. Maybe he caught a sabre to the face? Or maybe it just rotted away, cuz sith are fugly and fall apart often.
  11. Lots of good ideas flowin here.
  12. You were forced to play the Nameless One in Torment, look how well that turned out.
  13. Well, if you could stomach Aerie's early dialogue, you have a pretty fun relationship with her in Baldur's Gate II. A few rolls in the sack, a baby quarter bhaalspawn, just like you would expect. She gets fiesty later on too! Back to the topic though... Emotions are really the only way the writers can touch the player. Once my character heard Aerie was with child, he made damn sure he didnt need to use any rods of resurrection. Not even the priestess of Bhaal couldnt get past my Warrior. The way Aerie developed was what made that character fun. She started off as a sniveling coward but she really came into her own and gained faith in her abilities. For a change of pace, Id like to see a romance that involved a strong woman. Im not talkin Amazon queen or anything, I mean very set in her ways. Stubborn, independant, etc.
  14. They may add something like this already. If KotoR 2 continues to stay true to the trilogy, I think you can expect to lose a limb whether youre DS or LS. If the replacement has any sort of benefit or penalty, we will just have to wait and see.
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