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Status Updates posted by Llyranor

  1. Stop stalking pixies

  2. Let's dump your rotten corpse in a ditch.

  3. Who the crap are you?

  4. I should have killed you when I had then chance.

  5. Maybe you should take some spelling lessons first.

  6. Why didn't you join our Gears2 party?????

  7. I will nuke Charlottesville, you piece of flaming Hades.

  8. You won't be able to do anything when they find you lying dead in a ditch.

  9. I'm going to kill you.

  10. If any harm ever comes to pixies, I'm hunting down you two jerks.

  11. I dunno. Mid-November.

    Shut up, pixies.

    1. Krookie


      Shut the hell up.

  12. why haven't you married me yet ;_;

  13. It's funny because I never did say that.

  14. Get Rainbow Six Vegas, loser. Kor already did.

  15. Shut up, I saw her first.

  16. MCA started it.

  17. Shut up. I already got in trouble for doing that.

  18. I would never steal someone else's picture or gender.

  19. Why haven't you been answering my calls :(

  20. I enjoyed backstabbing you.

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