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  1. So dramatic The over dramatic REEEE from the gaming commhbity about the proper ways to overcome a monopoly is real. I see this word monopoly thrown around quite often and I'm not sure a lot of the people using it know what that means. Please educate me as to how Steam is a monopoly when I can purchase Steam keys for any game I want from practically any digital storefront I choose which means finding the best deal FOR ME but can't seem to do the same with Epic Games Store exclusives. Also as for being dramatic, maybe but I'm done with launchers. I'm at my limit and this move just cements
  2. Guess this is another company I can add to my list of "Never buy from again." Sad day for me but whatever. Hope the Fortnite bucks are worth all the goodwill you guys threw out.
  3. My biggest worry seeing that is having your weapon always out. I really hope it just wasn't shown and not the way it is. It's hard to roleplay in a roleplaying game when your gun is out all the time. I guess unless you're roleplaying as a lunatic. Looked a bit janky and unpolished but that's to be expected at this point I guess. Combat was a bit slow as well and dialogue didn't look very interesting to me. Also I'm personally so over having conversations where the guy I'm talking to is zoomed in and I'm staring at him right in the face. No one talks like that and it feels like a relic
  4. Whatever it is I hope it's not XBox or UWP exclusive or it's dead in the water for me.
  5. In an ideal world yes but these things never work out that way. Obsidian made their bones so to speak making PC style games. Microsoft is focused on a console market, it's not hard to see what the future will hold.
  6. Honestly I could live with that but I've seen too many developer favorites of mine get picked up and tossed out by big companies once they're used up to not be skeptical. I hope you're right though.
  7. Guess it happened... look forward to consolized games and Windows Store Exclusives. I hope I'm wrong though.
  8. Oh no... it was a good run. Guess we can look forward to them having a console focus and being shackled to the atrocious Windows Store from here on out.
  9. I think it did well. It was at the top of best sellers on release day and has maintained a nice place in the list since on Steam. Comparing it to DoS2 is a bit unfair because that's an outlier. Normally these games don't reach such a wide audience. It's the exception rather than the rule.
  10. It's honestly taking me out of the story rather than pulling me further in. "He says, She says, The Pallid Knight says" I know who's saying things... stop telling me every two seconds. x.x
  11. I like it but it could use more variation in strategy. It seems the Fire -> Jibe -> Stop or just Fire -> Jibe - Stop or just Fire pattern is an automatic win in every fight I have.
  12. Disposition gains and losses seem nonsensical a lot of the times. Benign conversation choices lead to getting things, simply noticing something in the environment can lead to "shady" reputation gains. Even with disposition effects ticked on in the options a lot of dialogue has no label. One conversation with a pirate the way to leave the conversation was marked as Clever if I recall and it was simply "I'll see you later." a typical goodbye prompt to end a conversation. Gains and losses aren't properly tracked it seems... it feels like a real mess pretty much.
  13. Sad to read that it sounds like romances were, for lack of a better term, really lazy in this game. If you're going to do it, then do it right or not at all is my feeling. I haven't read any data mined stuff so maybe it's just bugs making them feel lacking but I dunno. What I've seen so far in my own game isn't hopeful. What I mean by "do it right" is to have it extensive and more than a few conversations I dunno. Kissy face and sexual stuff isn't the goal, it's communication throughout many things and feeling like your characters grow closer over time not one or two conversations then su
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