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  1. I like using two single blades. Mainly because you can config both of them and make them super stronge :D But, in the beginning when you don't have alot of lightsabers I would use a double blade, just to be able to hit the opponent twice.
  2. Nar Shaddaa Dantooine Onderon/Dxun Korriban BACK TO Onderon/Dxun
  3. For KOTOR 1 it took me I think about 18 hours and for KOTOR 2 it took me 20.
  4. I just watched Tokyo Drift today. It was a pretty good movie. Yeah, I love nice cars.
  5. It weird one says that I'm a democrat and the other says that i'm a communist. =(
  6. I think that Taris is better looking than Peragus (except for when you get to walk on the exterior of the astroid). I found that it was ironic that both those worlds were destroyed and partly because of you.
  7. A united north america is bs because it won't really be "united". The US governemnt will be the ones controling everything and the other people will just be ignored. I'm pretty sure this would happen because we all know what happened with NAFTA and the softwood lumber dispute. I don't agree with it...it's not going to happen.
  8. i like Kavar. i love his voice it's so him. And i dunno he is just generally nice to me, except the time he went hostle on me but i had it coming.
  9. try using force immunity on yourself first, that way when she uses death field on you then she will get a little surprise. and you can get an extra attack on her. and the AI is to stupid and shes going to keep on using death field (that was what happened to me)
  10. I think that GO-TO is the worst. First, he trys to kill me. Then, he joins my party thinking that he could save the galaxy, however he didn't do anything...he didn't even tell me his plans. Also, he had this feud with Bao-Dur's remote, but god knows why. Furthurmore, I had no use for him cause I don't use droids. As for Disciple, at least I can turn him into a jedi, and a pretty good jedi. But most importantly, I actually use him.
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