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  1. the love story with handmaiden or visas
    what about it? long-winded are we?



    yeah I am lol :rolleyes:


    I felt that the love story with the handmaiden or visas was better then with the story of the female exile. The story with the handmaiden in particular, s he has an interesting back story with her mother as a Jedi (which I think is kreia) and her father as an echini warrior. I will admit she does freak me out sometimes though with her views on fighting. Although, that is besides the point, this makes her character more unique in some ways. I feel that with the connotation of the female exile this is lost. Of course some may say the disciple is unique. Hopefully however we will be able to have a male exile in the next game.


    Hope you understood that.

  2. Well, although K1 canon Revan is established as a lightside male, personally find it hard to consider it as an option that relates accurately to the story. Somehow, tend to think that female seems just as likely. It is quite grey, to some extent. One could also argue that as Revan was not quite as tall as Malak, and that it could be a she, although it is not openly contestable.


    Your opinion is all well and good, but the original poster asked for the CANON Revan, and there is NO debate, NO grey area. HE is male.




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