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  1. Dont you think she would spend more time with her daughter or at least talk to her once.



    That is not who Kreia is. Maybe in the real world it might be the case. Kreia's one goal was to destroy the Force and she only needed one person, the Exile. Everyone else is of no consequence to her. And by the new canon of Female Exile, the Handmaiden doesn't even exist as a NPC and by that, there would be no mention of her or Arren Kae.


    This isn't a weepy, whiney game scenario of a mother and daughter reconnected.


    Exactly and we proply wont find out one or another because of the exiles gender. There really is no need to explain if kreia is kae in the next game because the handmaden isnt with the exlie so there is no room really in the plot unless they add somthing else. Still however i feel that obsidan had kreia as kae but may not have had time to add it to the plot of k2.

  2. I think KOTOR III should mainly be focused on the Exile and Revan meeting up with eachother, or having a third character go out and find them. At some point in the game Revan and the Exile should fight the Sith Empire together.


    Meanwhile, I believe some of your KOTOR II party members should stay on Malachor V or Dantioone and start up a New Jedi Order. (The person depends on who is still alive after the TSLRP.)


    This is just what I think may happen...



    Isnt Malachor destroyed

  3. It's not the fact that no one agrees that Kreia "may" be Arren Kae, it is the fact that the only possible evidence is pure conjection.



    As it happens with KOTOR, names added after "Darth" are frequently the individuals real name.  Darth Revan was Revan, Darth Malak was Malak, so by all logic Darth Traya would be Traya.  It is only a theory.  The complete opposite seems to be the case for the movies.



    Yeah there is no solid proof kreia is kae but i feel she is

  4. Well, if you can't play Oblivion you can't play any other of those games I mentioned. And if your computer is too slow for Oblivion, then it surely be too slow for Kotor 3  when/if it comes out.


    Same with me though. I'll buy 7900 GT at fall, or I wait to next year and get totally new, ass kicking computer. It is hard to wait though, so I'll propably just buy 7900 GT and new memory.


    But I understand your feeling, only reason why I am even considering to buy 7900 GT is because I want to play NWN 2 immeadiatly when it comes out.


    Other option is to buy Xbox 360. Besides, Mass Effect seems to be Xcox 360 only game, but Jade Empire was ment to be Xbox only game too...


    Meh, I am ranting



    Yeah I may buy a 360 and proply get a new computer in a year or two

  5. I agree with Hades. All would be well without Kotor 2 screwing up storyline of Kotor era. Without it there would be no cliffhanger ending, and with no cliffhanger ending, there would be no need for Kotor 3.


    Even with complete game, Kotor series would need third part. Story ends to cliffhanger anyway.



    I agree there really was no need for kotor 2 in the 1st game's era they could have placed the game in a different time era like 1000 years before OT. Now however they need to finsh the series cause k2 as u said was a cliffhanger. On a side note i cant play oblivian my computers too slow ;)

  6. I have heard that they're planning on announcing k3 in september.  I could be wrong, take it as rumor cus I have nothing to back this up sept the word of a friend. He is reliable tho....



    I hope your right about this One thing i would like to see in the game is different hilts to the lightsabers they were all the same in both games

  7. JA was superior because of two things:-


    1) Action gameplay in combat can be a lot more fun than D&D gameplay in combat.


    2) The concept of applying D&D rule sets in combat in real time scenarios, is an interesting concept, but it didn't quite achieve what it could have with Kotor. Because Kotor lacks real time strategy, has generally unremarkable animations and not very intuitive combat, JA's combat is superior. JA delivered on the on the few things it set out to accomplish: bringing intensity and tension into the combat experience.


    True,action gameplay can be a lot more fun and it's true that the kotor combat system combat has his flaws but I think realt-time combat often turn in hack and slash which made the combat boring in repetitive like in JA.Sure it's more involving but it's less strategic.


    Yeah after awhile it did get boring doing the same moves

  8. Well it seems the Jedi Order will live for ever. But even if the keep saying they maintain peace in the galaxy, how come the Sith losers keep coming back?

    I heard Ben Skywalker's grandson's Jedi Order fight Sith in the Legacy comics.




    Don't remind. I luckily magaed to forgot that crap.


    Luckily, it isn't said that it is going to be C-canon. It might be infinite stories, aka N-canon. at least I hope so. <_< *goes to search pics*


    edit: Have you read EU to how long after Ep6 Exile?



    I hope it is n canon too i find it how to put this stupid sorry to anyone who likes it

  9. Luke was kinda weak. You could fight him in Jedi Outcast with Kyle Katarn without being very strong and beat him.

    Bastila should be force goddess just for her beauty, and the Exile should be the Eternal Jack the Ripper (since he's a void in the force)...




    And other question: Did you read any of my messages?


    edit: Well, so what you could defeat him in JO? It is not storywise thing, it is just gameplay. (defeating Luke with so stupid AI is not big deal, heck, I could beat whole jedi order all by myself, but it is only gameplay. Storywise Katarn is weaker than Luke, and none can take whole jedi order out all alone.)


    edit2: Nah, reading all those messages is propably too big thing. Last one is gives somewhat answer. Fact is anyway, that Luke is strongest. Even though I don't like him much (surprise surprise, I am NOT Luke fanboy) I have to admit that he is strongest, just due numerous things that have been mentioned here and there... I like him, he is ok character, but I too like - for example - Revan more than Luke, but that doesn't mean he is stronger.


    My favorite character from movies is Obi-Wan, but he isn't strongest one.


    I feel the same my favorte character is Revan but Luke I belive is more powerful

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